Zumba level of Krishna consciousness

Zumba level of Krishna consciousness

After having reached high levels of Salary prema, Radhanath baba disciple Jai Nitai das, decided to organise Zumba dance:


I mean, that is why Prabhupada founded ISKCON in the first place, so that we can dance with Divine couple. But before dancing with Divine couple, we have to learn how to dance. If you don’t know what is zumba, Radhanath baba and his disciple Jai Nitai will explain on the event page itself:

Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporate ship-hop, soca,samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. Squats and lunges are also included. (Such weird names, yuck🤮). Zumba dance involves shaking of all body parts, specially the area below waist, vigorously on gross passionate music.

To be more practical let’s show example (Brahmacari alert, don’t click):

Ok, that is zumba for marketing purposes only, real zumba looks like this:

So, after some fat girls pay for zumba dance to reduce their fat and have better sex life, how ISKCON will spend these funds, Jai Nitai explains:

Come and join us for this one-off Christmas Zumba charity special with qualified Zumba instructor, Nanda Mahler, as we look to raise funds to place meditation, self-help and yoga books in hospitals, prisons and youth centres.

I am wondering, what yoga books will they put in hospitals? Probably Radhanath baba’s book which explains the A.S.S. philosophy.

I am sure that zumba dance will not finance Prabhupada’s books, because Prabhupada said:

Regarding your question of dancing-show, whatever it may be, it may not deviate from the real Krishna Consciousness program. We are Hari Kirtana men, that’s all. We can attract people by some gorgeous show, but inside there must be strict purity and seriousness, otherwise, we shall be attracted by the gorgeous show only.. I am not in approval of such arrangements, and it will be dangerous thing in future if we begin this type of program just to attract the masses. Already I see this happening practically all over the Society, so better we stop it now and get ourselves firmly on the track chalked out for us by Lord Caitanya. We are simply Sankirtana men, our program is chanting,dancing, distributing prasadam, and speaking high philosophy, that’s all.” (Prabhupada Letter to Madhudvisa. 72-07-08)


I know I am very offensive for making articles like this. Turning Prabhupada’s movement into Zumba dance party is not offensive, but writing articles about it is definitely offensive. Luckily, Radhanath baba, and all his zumba disciples must forigve me, that is the order of bonafide ISKCON guru Radhanath baba:

  • Lloyd McKay

    The nonsense doesn’t stop. The GBC should really put a complete stop on these idiots. Stupid and shameful.

    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      Gbc leadership is stupid and shameful. Otherwise things like this could not happen. With strong leaders, nonsense can’t survive for even a second.

  • Victor Brady

    Keep up the good work ! I support you in your fight for the very soul of Iskcon.

    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      Soul of iskcon is gone. Only pocket of residence are there.

      • Victor Brady

        If I can make a humble suggestion. Please share some info on these pockets of residence(resistance?)
        I try to get some of my friends to appreciate your work but some complain to me that you are like the fly only finding the faults.

        • Hrvoje Marjanovic

          Just go to any temple run by Bhakti Vikasa Swami’s disciples. you will immediately notice that there is no deviations there, and Prabhupada is in the center.

  • Celestialspring

    Pranam Hanuman Prabhu,

    I am amazed how you keep stumbling upon these golden nuggets.

    All glories to your service.


    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      I am not stumbling, devotees send it to me, I am just adding the spices.

  • Vaidyanath

    This is proof that many ISKCON leaders only reach platform of Brahman (brahma-bhuta prasanna-atma). There is happiness but because happiness of Brahman is not real ananda in exchange with the Lord, after some time they come down to enjoy variety of material happiness. As we have seen in the past, so many sannyasis, gurus………

    āruhya kṛcchreṇa paraṁ padaṁ tataḥ
    patanty adho ‘nādṛta-yuṣmad-aṅghrayaḥ
    SB 10.2.32

    Prabhupada: That has been practically experienced. In our country many many, very, very big swamis, they attain perfection and realize that he is Brahman. But after a time again comes down to this material field of worker, opening hospital, schools………….That means they could not stay in the Brahman atmosphere for want of activity. (Gorakhpur, February 10, 1971)

    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      They first major problem and reason why they are falling down is that they consider Prabhupada outdated.