Zoom presentation: Recognising a sheep mentality in a religious organisation

Zoom presentation: Recognising a sheep mentality in a religious organisation

The time has come. This week, we will run our first live presentation.


This weekend, we will talk about a very important topic, how to recognize a sheep-like religious organization trying to turn you into a sheep. We will compare such religious systems with genuine religious systems such as Krishna consciousness. We will give some examples of the ISKCON sheep strategy, but generally, we will try to give general knowledge that applies to all sheep religious systems.

We will explain how a genuine teacher thinks and how he educates his students. We will also analyze teachers who want to imbibe sheep mentality into their followers.

Why now

Many people contacted me in the past, we discussed philosophy over email, chat, and voice calls. However, in order to have a proper alternative to ISKCON, we need to have a community. Across the whole globe, people with similar interests are associating, this is quite natural. Those who want to practice Krishna consciousness outside of ISKCON Gestapo walls should also associate amongst themselves.


This Saturday, Dec 12th, at 15:30 European time (GMT+1)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Who can join?

This presentation is for all the people who are interested in the philosophy presented on my website, especially people who already communicated with me through chat and email.

If you never communicated with me in the past and you still want to join, then we will need to make a small introductory video call.

What do I need to join?

You need only three things:

  1. The latest version of the zoom app installed on your computer or mobile phone. Click here to install.
  2. You need to send me your name if you plan to come.
  3. You need to click here: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78660593869?pwd=b3haMld1U3FLb2ZpVFVUYWszTFJ6dz09

You can send me your name through Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, or email, in whatever way you contacted me in the past.

If you want to join but you never communicated with me in the past, then we will need to make a 2-minute introductory call.

IMPORTANT: By clicking on the above link, you will end up in the waiting room, if you didn’t notify me about your name and you are not on the participant list, you will not be able to get in.

If I miss it, will there be a recording?

No, at least not for this first session.

Do I need to enter my real name and turn on my camera in the meeting?

Yes, we are not criminals, we have nothing to hide.

However, if you still live within the ISKCON Gestapo regime, you can change your name and turn off your camera, but then you let me know which name will you use.

What happens if nobody shows up?

Then we will deem this form of communication too personal and wait for some time.

How long the presentation will last?

40 minutes

Will there be time for questions?