Discussion with a zombie candidate

We don't need new Christianity

Discussion with a zombie candidate

Every now and then zombie candidates try to bite me so that I would become zombie too. However, I bite back and I give them the chance to become sane again.

Zombie candidate: hare krsna pr
quite inspired by yr youtube videos

Hanuman: Hare Rama.
Thank you for your support.
Check my website also.

Zombie candidate: haribol pr
r u from irm

Hanuman: No.
I am from firm.

Zombie candidate: u mean ISKCON IRM ?

Hanuman: No, I mean Prabhupāda firm.
I am the accountant.

Zombie candidate: oh ok
I am from Delhi, India

Hanuman: You do nonsense, I make sure you pay.

Zombie candidate: didnt get

Hanuman: Didn’t get what?

Zombie candidate: You do nonsense, I make sure you pay.

Hanuman: Yes, if an iskcon sannyasi travels with girls, I make article about him with photos.
So, he pays with his reputation.
While irm is preaching zombie guru theory.
I don’t have zombie guru.

Zombie candidate: Do ISKCON guru pay you?
what is zombie guru?

Hanuman: No, they pay with their reputation.

Zombie candidate: oh got it

Hanuman: Zombie guru is when you take initiation from someone who is dead.

Zombie candidate: u too follow srila prabhupada ?
i mean what the difference between irm and your philosophy

Hanuman: Follow yes, but not taking diksa from him.
That is not what he was preaching.

Zombie candidate: ohk

Hanuman: Irm is nonsense.
Another Christianity.
We already have Christianity and it is not working.

Zombie candidate: hmm
whats wrong in accepting srila prabhupada as guru

Hanuman: He is not here to pull your ear.
To to correct your wrong understanding.

Zombie candidate: then who is yr guru
i mean in delhi people r blindly following Gopal Krishna Goswami
u knw him?

Hanuman: You are blindly following.
Because Prabhupāda never said he will give diksa after he dies.
And he said many times that his disciples will continue parampara.

Zombie candidate: so u mean i shld accept initiation from any prabhupada disciple
like gopal krishna goswami n radhanath swami etc

Hanuman: No, you should find genuine Prabhupāda disciple.

Zombie candidate: like?

Hanuman: Someone who lives and breathes for Prabhupada.
Don’t be lazy.
Read Prabhupada’s books and find him yourself.

Zombie candidate: ok

Additional clarification

My attitude toward zombie guru theory is well known, please don’t try to sell me this nonsense, rather, watch my videos: