When Krishna consciousness becomes a circus

When Krishna consciousness becomes a circus

Some devotees are organising programs which portray Prabhupada as a clown, and his movement as a cheap new age community of brainless people. I am not worried about that, I am worried that nobody is protesting. Everybody is silent, so called leaders are silent, majority of so called lion gurus are as silent as a harmless puppies.

Well, Prabhupada has at least one faithful follower in America, who is not tolerating this nonsense, instead, he is speaking out. He made a webpage against yoga deviation and even used my video.

Why is he doing that, because he lives in the very same community and he doesn’t want to see that community going down the mayavadi yoga drain.

So, what is the problem? Prabhupada village is organising fake yoga circus within few days, it is published on their webpage:

So, organiser is Mitra das, and on his blog, there are details of the festival, there is the schedule from his webpage:

Tentative Schedule

11 AM – Blessings and fire sacrifice -Ram Vigraha
yoga by the creek- Benjamin Goatfish
11:45- Intro to kirtan – Mitra –
12:30 – Arotik- dancing kirtan
1:15- Yoga indoors- Nam Chintamani ( 45 minute session followed by another 45 minute session)
2:00- 5:00 Free Lunch
2:00- Drum class- Caveman Jones- https://www.holorhythm.org/
3:00- Dance of Universal Peace- Ashera-
4:30 -Yoga of Social Activism and the Bhagavad Gita- How to save the world without losing your sanity – Mitra
4:30 Kirtan in temple- Gopi
4:30 Guzheng Chinese Music Meditation by creek- Jacob Felder

Shine everywhere you go

So, first we will look at Dance of Universal Peace – Ashera:

Ok, “Everywhere I go, I am gonna let it shine”? It doesn’t get any more stupid than this. With programs like this, we are trying attract morons to Krishna consciousness, but problem is that morons will never be able to understand Prabhupada’s books. And morons will gradually kick out everybody who repeats Prabhupada’s teachings.

I think it was a big mistake to invite Ashera Rose because little Marcy is much more powerful:

Guzheng chinese music with Jacob Felder

Another spiritual activity at this festival will be chinese music. I hope they will not eat some cats afterwards, just for preaching purposes you know, as a preaching strategy.

What can I say, I feel “spiritual” while I am watching this video, but I think it was big mistake mistake to invite Jacob, he is not nearly as spiritually potent as Mongolian throat singers:

Mongolian throat singers have additional benefit of scaring off any gay within 10 miles.

And of course, there is yoga nonsense with Nam Cintamani, where we will see girls raising their butt in the air, and that is supposed to please Krishna.

The drummer guy

And of course, mrdanga playing is thing of the past, now we have to listen to djembe by “caveman” Jones. This guy is so famous that I couldn’t find a single video of him. Anyway, if you really want to feel spiritual by listening to drums, I suggest ISKCON should introduce Japanese drummers, they have the biggest drums, which makes them the most “spiritual”.

Responsibility chain

This community is in North Carolina, so, who is the GBC who is allowing all kinds of nonsense in the name of Srila Prabhupada.

Oh, it’s Bir Krishna Goswami, mushroom cooking guru, who sings nonsense songs never approved by Prabhupada. Of course, now everything is clear.


What happened to pure Krishna consciousness? Big feast and a lot of chanting for the masses, that was Prabhupada program. Not inviting nonsense people and in this way increasing the ignorance. While Prabhupada was present and leading the movement, no chance we would allow Ashera to dance and sing “Everywhere I go, I am gonna let it shine”. If Prabhupada would preach to devotees who do this nonsense, maybe they would start shinning with real knowledge.

Not following the founder acarya and imagining nonsense preaching program constitutes big insult toward Prabhupada, because organisers of such program think that they know better than Prabhupada how to preach, or they think Prabhupada is outdated.

You write to me that you do not know what is my desire, but my desire is an open secret. I simply want all over the Western countries people may take this simple formula of chanting, dancing and eating Krishna Prasadam, and being happy. I am simply surprised that they should not accept this simple formula and be happy themselves. My only desire is that all people become happy and prosperous in Krishna Consciousness.” (letter to Tamala Krishna, September 19, 1969)