Another bogusji practicing gymnastic yoga

Another bogusji practicing gymnastic yoga

Ok, another pure devotee practicing gymnastic yoga of nonsense was reported to me recently.

I have already written about Strange yoga gurus in ISKCON:

Curious case of ISKCON’s gymnastic gurus

It turns out that they are not the only ones.

Here is another yoga guru, Bhakti Vijnana Swami, disciple and one of the top enablers of ISKCON’s mayavadi disease called “Radhanath Swami”:


I wonder why

Srila Prabhupada never practiced gymnastic yoga, Srila Prabhupada never taught his disciple gymnastic yoga. Srila Prabhupada never told his disciples to teach others gymnastic yoga. So, why are his disciples doing it? Because they think they are smarter than Prabhupada. That is the disease.

So if we infect the Māyāvādī quality, karmī quality, jñānī quality, yogī quality… I see some of the students, still they practice some yoga āsana. That quality is not yet… He’s not yet free. But this is nonsense. This is nonsense. We should, by promise, we should not associate with any of their qualities. That is… Asat-saṅga-tyāga-ei vaiṣṇava-ācāra, asat-eka strī-saṅgī kṛṣṇābhakta āra [Cc. Madhya 22.87]. Asat. Asat means bad element, bad association. So asat-saṅga. We have to give up asat. “So who is asat, Sir?” Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s speaking = asat-saṅga-tyāga ei vaiṣṇava-ācāra. Vaiṣṇava’s behavior, Vaiṣṇava’s character should be simply to give up the company of the asat….. (Lecture SB 1.10.13, Jun 26, 1973, Māyāpur)

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