Video Response to Rasbihari das from Mauritius

Video Response to Rasbihari das from Mauritius

Before sending me a Gestapo email, think about it, do you really want to become famous?


All glories to Śrīla Nava Yogendra Swami (NYS) Maharaj Ji.
All glories to the Saviour of the fallen souls, Śrīla Prabhupāda Ji
All glories to Śrī Śrī Kṛṣṇa Balarāma.
All glories to Śrī Śrī RādhāGolokānanda.

Dear Hanuman Das Prabhu,
Please accept my humble obeisance. Hope this meets you in good health and mindfulness.
On the occasion of Narsiṁha Dev appearance day, I would like to offer you a question mark on your Sherlock Holmes
type of activity; of whether it is exposing the truth or webbing an illusion; for your technique of using hearsays and
photographs as tools/evidence have big limitations and loopholes for you and your audience which can led to serious
offences in Spiritual life. You are quite honest in what you do but it can play against you or you can be played by people
cleverer than you if you are not cautious enough to verify what you are publishing; for your publishing is damaging to
the reputation/image of the sincere and the sensitivity of devotees’ sentiments.
Upon seeing my Gurumaharaj and two of my own pictures (the obese man by the back in the demonstrative pics) on
your page and after listening to your video, I felt it a duty to clarify you of how you are making a wrong trial. What is
my qualification? I am a simple disciple of His Holiness, still full of anarthas but each time He has come to Mauritius, I
would take leave from my job (Design and Tech Educator) and accompany His Holiness 24hrs/7days as the local relay
between Maharaj Ji, His associates, His Indian guests and the management team of local Mauritians Godbrothers and
God sisters. I am fed and stay by the door of His Holiness NYS room during His visit; I would be responsible of relaying
communications, act as driver and also make sure that Maharaj and His Indian disciples/congregational guests have a
good stay without any hurdles. Maharaj Ji has been coming to our small Island since 2004. He used to come at first
with one assistant, then often along with His own group of Indian guests consisting of high calibre couples mostly such
as army officials of J&K, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, and recently with His senior disciples – an entourage who
are surrendered for many years under His shelter and mostly temple presidents in India. The goal of His Holiness is
preaching programs day after day as per a schedule which are already set up before His arrival. His entourage helped
Him in His preaching recently and if it is His guests from India, they attend the everyday mangal aratee and the evening
local house/temple/tent programs. Maharaj Ji has at most one or two rest days during his two weeks visit.
What I reproach Your Grace is that You have boiled down all the above preaching and devotional activities to only
pinpoint the occasions when Her Grace Kunti Mataji travelled to Mauritius along with Her Spiritual Master in the same
plane as a leverage to make claim that His Holiness NYS is wrong somewhere and that His Holiness as a Sannyasi should
not travel with women. Where is His Holiness travelling with unmarried or married women? By placing local
devotional program pictures on your webpage, you are trying to prove sannyasi travelling with unmarried women. Is
this your good judgement? But do you know that Mataji travels Economy class along within a group of other
accompanying devotees while Maharaj Ji is traveling Business class in the same aeroplane? Do you know that when
she came along with Guruji, she was accompanying Maharaj Ji’s VIP guests couples who came only on her
arrangements to take association in Spiritual local programs as an act of patronage in order to help the orphanage she
manages? Is it because she is not married, she cannot travel in the same plane as Maharaja Ji? In what century are
you? She gave her own life to the movement, and this is your question of whether she is married in order to be able
to travel in the same plane? Do you know that on other occasions she came accompanied with her now late mother
because her own blood brother lives in Mauritius as a local national resident? Is the Mataji guilty of visiting her own
family and acquaintances when her Spiritual Master is coming to Mauritius? Is she guilty because she seized the
opportunity to travel along with Maharaj Ji in order to see her family and serve the local yatra at the same time? What
are you cooking with the 6000 km thing and that local say that she is wife of Maharaj Ji? Would Your Grace not correct
someone ignorant if the person wrongly took your daughter to be your wife? If someone ignorant thought like that
about Mataji and Maharaj, now it is an embellishment for your website. I cannot even say bullshit but garbage of great
speculation in order to create sensational publishing for your website. How cheap is this? How can you allow yourself
to publish things without proper verification of source? How can you allow yourself to try to demean His Holiness’s
disciples such as Indranuja Das and Madhupriya Das as if you thought of them as zombies who would be blind to

anything “not sannyasa”? They have had high education from prestigious institutions, first was a marine engineer and
the other is a doctor by material educational qualification. If the disciples are blind, will the Indian guests be blind too?
Will the local devotees be blind too? You should understand that the local and Indian guests are all hindus by birth
and know the culture; a mere slack of sannyasa standard would have been such a great outcry and great disturbance.
Why have Maharaj Ji’s disciples not leaved Him or protested at Iskcon level? You have been led by the path of the
By talking with a certain enthusiasm and a sort of sarcasm, you have implied many unholy things and have breached
much etiquette. Sannyasis should not travel with matajis? Yes, You are right if they are side by side. What? Are you
implying that there should not be any women in the plane? Hilarious. If Her Grace is travelling in the same plane as
Her Spiritual Master, then is it Sannyasi travelling with women? What are you saying? There is a big difference
between travelling in the same plane and travelling with women. The entourage of Maharaj Ji have tried to enlighten
you but you took down to it to showcase of Your mocking reading of what they wanted to convey without hearing.
Maharaj Ji travels in big groups; it is almost impossible for matajis to approach Maharaj Ji. Her Grace Kunti Mataji also
functions as a local leader in His Holiness NYS Yatra for Mauritius responsible for the empowerment of matajis aspiring
or already initiated, solving their problems with Spiritual life and guiding them in their services to Maharaj Ji during
His visits. She also collects funds by begging from local people to donate for the orphanage in Udhampur. What wrong
do you see Prabhu? If such a mataji is delivering on her effort to progress Prabhupāda’s mission, you associate her
travelling to Mauritius as a means to degrade Her Spiritual Master because she travelled in the same plane and that
she is not married? I see this as cruel and misogynistic on your part. I dare think that if I send You a picture of His Divine
Grace, Śrīla Prabhupāda and some matajis pictured together with Him, along with a certain criticism, You will publish
that too and wait for devotees to come and play barrister to defend Śrīla Prabhupāda against the claim. Why are You
functioning at such a simplistic level of ignorance? What is your gain? How is it helping?
You talk of personalities of whom you never met, and You have become the instrument of people who want to cause
havoc. You have created a great damage to Yourself by creating a hocus pocus based on an email and some pictures
and by being judgemental of the sincerity of devotees. Yes, you are right that the person who wrote the info email has
right to question but do you know the latter’s credentials, background, intention and mental health? Who are you?
Who empowered you? You are also a mere human who has the propensity to be illusioned. Beware Prabhu! (S.B.
7.1.18) You are putting to question the integrity of His Holiness NYS when Srila Prabhupada Himself classified HH NYS
as a real brahmana. You can’t be holier than the Pope.
As a critic myself, I would request you to apologize and rectify. Forgive me for my tone, I am just trying to make you
understand the truth as you are a real bully drifting from being pragmatic to a puritanic mad revolutionary devotee
who has only his own mind as association.
HARE KṚṢṆA. Your well-wisher: rasbihari das nys. (Mr. Ram Doyal) (TEL: +23054991008, Email:

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