Vice president hugs a girl, and survives to tell the story

Vice president hugs a girl, and survives to tell the story

Hug that beautiful girl, just like Lord Rama.

Today, we are reporting a sexual harassment incident that happened in New Delhi, ISKCON temple “East of Kailash” between vice-president of the temple and bhaktin Kasyapi Karan. GBC mafia member responsible for this incident is Gopal Krishna Goswami.

Kasyapi describes the incident

I am an artist and sell some paintings in facebook!!! In facebook once I posted a beadbag painting of Prabhupada Potrait …so one devotee from my Facebook profile Vrajendranandan Das Vice President of Iskcon Delhi asked me make one such bag for him …I painted a potrait and went next day to temple to give it to him ..I went to his room there was only his assistant who told me Prabhuji went for a meeting so he asked me to leave the bag to him!!! I gave the beadbag to his assistant later next day that Vice President messaged me in facebook asking me to meet him …next day I met him in his temple room first he appreciate my work than he started talking some lusty words he asked me how Iam still single he said me that now Iam a full blown flower so I should enjoy my life when i will be old i will not be able to enjoy my life …he was trying to say some flirty words I tried to change the topic but he was continuously saying his nonsense words !!! So atlast I stopped talking and decided to leave the room I told prabhuji to bless me and give me permission to leave the room he suddenly without my permission hugged me tightly for few mins and left me I can feel that strong lust in him he told me “Ramji bhe apne Bhakto ko Alingan karke bless karte hai” ( Lord Rama also blesses the devotees Hugging them) …I could not believe such a senior devotee acting like this !!! I went home crying and feeling sorry for the Iskcon Society!!! Till now I practiced strong Brahmacharya I never gave any right to any guy to touch me so he also never had the right to touch me!!!!

Meeting setup

The following 2 screenshots show how the meeting was arranged over Facebook messenger on March 4th, 2018


Reply by Vrajendranandan das

Every story has two sides, let’s check with Vrajendranandan das, how he sees the incident. I’ve sent him the following message on Facebook:

No reply received. On the contrary, Vrajendranandan das blocked me on Facebook. This means that he has read the message, but doesn’t feel obliged to reply.

But on his Facebook profile, it says that he is National Director for ISKCON Communications in India.

I just hope that he doesn’t speak with younger female journalists in a lonely place. 🤣🤣🤣 Moreover, I am very much displeased with his communication with me. 🤣🤣🤣

Some thoughts about the incident

ISKCON sheep members are probably very much “shocked” by reading about this incident, which is surely not an isolated case. Let us try to shed some light on why ISKCON is an excellent place for women-hunters and pedophiles.

Worse than karmis

Women-hunters and people who are trying to take advantage of women exist everywhere, but ISKCON is especially appealing because it doesn’t have protective mechanisms that exist in a normal society. Namely, police, court system, and investigative journalists.

Did you ever hear about ISKCON court? Of course, you didn’t, because such a thing doesn’t exist. ISKCON doesn’t have any justice system? Why not? Because pure devotees can not be judged. Because they are already perfect. And temple presidents who are appointed by pure devotees are also very pure. Pure devotees can recognize who is pure, and therefore pure devotees would never appoint a rascal to a temple president position.

Therefore, we don’t need a justice system.

And another thing that pure devotees hate very much is investigative journalism. Do you know any ISKCON website which publishes news about ISKCON corruption? There are none because writing an envious article about pure vice presidents is very offensive. And such a website would be banned immediately.

And the lack of courts and journalism creates an environment where criminals thrive.

But the matter is much worse, it is not only the lack of justice system and journalism, even publishing a Facebook post where you claim that something is wrong in ISKCON can get you banned from ISKCON. Or at least such a post will cause you to be harassed by pure ISKCON managers.

But that’s not all. I never saw a single ISKCON member record a video of how they left ISKCON because of lack of justice and journalism. Not one. They are happily eating the sweet rice and enjoying their Gestapo ISKCON community. (until their daughter is raped by ISKCON enforcer)

So, what happened when Kasyapi published her bad experience in her Facebook wall? They sent enforcers to her home:

In other words, the ISKCON strategy is not to punish people who do bad things, rather they are after those who report problems.

Leaders who misuse their authority

How much intelligence does it take to understand that leaders who insist on being extremely pure and who are fighting against all attempts to create a more open and more honest society are not pure devotees at all?

Did Prabhupada ever persecute people who disagreed with him? When somebody was telling the truth, did Prabhupada ever call him offensive?

ISKCON imagined theology poisons its members by claiming that the truth is offensive.

Nothing was done in 3 years

If ISKCON even wanted to fix this. ISKCON leadership doesn’t really care that their national director of communications loves to hug women who are younger than his children.

If ISKCON wanted to fix this disgrace, they had more than plenty of time.

Any intelligent person can understand that when you don’t punish bad behavior, you are actually encouraging other criminals to exhibit similar behavior because they know they will not be punished. Thus, ISKCON is sliding into a tyranny of the top class, who can hug whatever girl they want. Nobody can stand up to them, and nobody doesn’t want to stand up against them because of the constant preaching that “You should not criticize”.

Chaste and shy is not one-sided

There is one particular right-wing ISKCON guru who is fighting against feminism. He produces books and lectures, how women should be chaste and shy.

But he is never willing to speak up against womanizers within the movement who exploit women. So, women should be chaste, shy, and very humble in a society where they can be mistreated without any consequences. Is it just me or this system is deeply unjust?


Who can create a more honest society? Only it’s members. If members start fighting against injustice, then ISKCON will be forced to reform. Or, such people will be kicked out and a new, more honest society will be formed.

So, we should not only blame GBC members and senior leadership for the whimsical tyranny which they created. Every ISKCON member who supports such a corrupt society is also to be blamed.

Gopal Krishna Goswami, aka Scootananda Swami, was very quick to ban ISKCON members who dared to criticize ISKCON authorities in a private phone conversation. But in case of women mistreatment, the punishment is awarding a perpetrator with a position of National director of communications.