Venkata’s suicide is starting to unwind

Venkata’s suicide is starting to unwind

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reasons for Venata’s suicide are starting to unwind.

Venkata’s suicide can be attributed to personal weakness and cruel ISKCON Gestapo leadership who are treating people without mercy. In the last article, we just heard a recorded phone conversation that fully manifests the crooked nature of the ISKCON corporate mafia. No sane person can survive their mental prison. While GBC mafia is turning blind on Sacinandana Swami and his girlfriend, small guys are punished severely for a minor offense.

As we pushing on with the Venkata’s investigation, people are stepping up, revealing bits and pieces, and things are gradually falling in place.

New Vrindavan resident testimony

Prabhu, please don’t ever mention my name, I would like to remain totally anonymous.
I am a formal NV resident and still have friends out there. The info I give is 3rd hand hearsay, and can not be 100% confirmed as fact.
Venkata was loved by all. He was a very joyful, humble, devout devotee. His entire life was doing pujari services( altar, fire sacrifices, cow puja, ect, ect).
I am heard a few years back he was encouraged(forced?) to marry this Mexican woman.
I also heard that recently they were having marital issues and sometimes arguing.
I am told on the day he committed suicide that Jaya Krishna caught him inappropriately talking(not doing anything physical) to an adult daughter of a donor/visitor. Jaya Krishna allegedly told him he was relieved of all temple services and was no longer at the temple. Jaya Krishna also allegedly demanded that he tell his wife what had occurred .
I was told that he and his wife had a huge argument that evening, and he stormed off, never to be seen again.
He strapped his nrsimhadeva deity to his waist, and drowned him self in the temple pond.
Was this a similar situation like visnujuana swami, where he committed suicide because he felt guilty about having impure thoughts?…I can’t say for sure.
But for certain he felt helpless. His whole life (both spiritual and his material maintenance) was being a pujari. Now he has been fired from his pujari services and was allegedly told he wasn’t even welcome at the temple.
Not only this, but his entire marital situation may have been in jeopardy.
He lost everything in one day and his life was turned upside down.
Many feel it should have been handled in a more compassionate way, such as maybe a temporary suspension from his services, and being encouraged to seek marriage counciling. But sadly now its too late for that.
In the temple’s first press release, they tried to make it sound like he accidentally drowned. In the second press release (after suicide notes found) they stressed that he admired temple management and that he and his wife got along great and loved each other and were best friends.

I personally feel that both management and his wife may be feeling guilty about how they dealt with his initial mishap, and that their words and actions made him feel that he had no option but to end it all.
This was a very sad situation. He was a sweet and sincere soul, and everyone has their own flaws and nobody is perfect. This whole situation aches my heart.
Anyway, Prabhuji, please do not mention my name at all regarding any of this.
Thank you


If Jaya Krishna had any moral integrity, he would resign his post. If ISKCON had genuine and sincere leadership, they would replace this Gestapo officer after such a huge blunder. Unfortunately, ISKCON’s puffed up gurus need ruthless managers to maintain their “guru list” theology, which is supposed to force everybody to believe in sanyasis with girlfriends, mayavadis, renunciants who parade chaste and shy girls throughout the cities. The opposite sex misconduct and preachers of dancing girls theology should be dealt with first within “guru” ranks, then small guys will automatically fall in line. But hypocritical ISKCON society is doing directly the opposite. Murder accomplices, girl dance organizers walk free without being challenged, and small guys are pressured into a suicide. And after this, cruel murder accomplice Radhanath baba will continue to preach about “compassion, love, and relationships”.

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