Varna asrama sannyasi secretary

Varna asrama sannyasi secretary

Even while giving seminar about varna asrama, Sivarama Swami is using female assistant.

Basic idea of varna asrama is to minimise association between the sexes.

Yet, in this video, Sivarama Swami choose female to become his assistant.

In the name of religion you do all nonsense rascaldom, and if the leader approves, “Yes, you can do.” Vivekananda did it. Vivekananda did it. “Yes, there is no difference between eating meat and not meating eat in terms of religious system.” He preached this, and all the sannyāsīs of Ramakrishna Mission, they eat meat, they drink, they have WOMAN SECRETARY, and everything. This Chinmayananda also like that. I know his whole history. Unless one is purely Kṛṣṇa conscious, one cannot give up ALL THESE BAD HABITS. This is the test. Morning walk — April 24, 1974, Hyderabad

According to Vedic civilization, one’s association with women should be very much restricted. In spiritual life there are four āśramas—brahmacarya, gṛhastha, vānaprastha and sannyāsa. The brahmacārī, vānaprastha and sannyāsī are COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN to associate with women. Only gṛhasthas are allowed to associate with women under certain very much restricted conditions—that is, one associates with women to propagate nice children. Other reasons for association are condemned. (CC Madhya 22.88-90)

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