USA takes the lead (again)

USA takes the lead (again)

We are entering the most important transformation.

If you are regularly following my website, you will know that I stated many times that ISKCON can be fixed only from the inside. People who are outside of ISKCON like me, we don’t really care how bad the ISKCON situation gets. Problem is, as long as you start criticizing pointing out deviations within ISKCON, you will soon find yourself outside ISKCON because you will be kicked out. 🤣🤣🤣

So, the only way to criticize ISKCON from within is to be so obviously right that nobody can’t really silence you. But they can’t also kick you out, because many people support you. This is what happened to Sarasvati Richardson Jones. She is not unique because she is a pedophile hunter, many people tried to do this before. She is unique because she is a member of ISKCON society and she can not be silenced without a significant uproar in society. When I say “silenced”, I mean kicked out of ISKCON.

But that’s not all, there is another terraforming event that happened three days ago. That was an interview between Nama-rasa and Garuda das. Nama Rasa is so ISKCON, that he is even wearing an ISKCON t-shirt. You can’t become more ISKCON than that.

However, he did something no real ISKCON member would ever do. He allowed his channel to be used to propagate ideas very much different from the viewpoint of the ruling GBC mafia. For that, he will surely burn in hell. 🤣🤣🤣

Book changing issue is also not new. Many people had criticized book changes before, but I don’t remember any instance that ISKCON outlet allowed the ruling elite to be criticized.

This event opens a possibility for ISKCON to grow into something much better, a transparent, intellectual society in which leaders survive due to being authentic, and not by kicking out all opposition.

However, I must mention that the Gestapo gene is still present in Nama-rasa, at 16:35 he says:

“Can I make a disclaimer? The idea of this podcast is not to point fingers at anybody.”

I don’t understand how can you make an interesting podcast without pointing fingers at anybody. It is possible only if you are making podcast commenting on cat videos. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

As soon as you start expressing your own opinion, your opinion might differ from other people’s opinion, and quite possibly, your opinion can differ from the GBC ruling mafia. Actually, the more honest you are, the more finger-pointing must be used to establish the Absolute Truth. As Bhakti-siddhanta had put it nicely:

The truth (satya) is propagated in a twofold way viz. positively or by the method of direct support and negatively by the method of opposition. The truth cannot be made sufficiently known by the positive method alone. Propaganda by the method of opposition more than the presentation of the positive aspect brings about more brilliantly in this world the appearance and glorification of the truth. The positive method by itself is not the most effective mode of propaganda in a controversial Age like the present. The negative method which seeks to differentiate the Truth from non Truth in all its forms, is even better calculated to convey the directly inconceivable significance of the Absolute. It is a necessity which cannot be conscientiously avoided by the dedicated preacher of the Truth if he wants to be loyal servant of Godhead. The method is sure to create an atmosphere of controversy in which it is quite easy to lose one’s balance of judgement. But the ways of the deluding energy are so intricate that unless their mischevious nature is fully exposed it is not possible for the soul in the conditioned state to avoid the snares spread by the enchantress for encompassing the ruin of her only too willing victims. It is a duty which shall be sacred to all who have been enabled to obtain even a distant glimpse of the Absolute. (Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, The Harmonist 25 N. 1 June 1927)



Rejuvenation of society starts with establishing a group of honest intellectuals who know the truth, who can speak the truth, and who are not willing to hide the truth under any circumstances. Garuda is certainly one of such intellectuals, he can not be bought by ISKCON, and he is not maintained by ISKCON, therefore he doesn’t have any reason to tow the party line, he has no reason to defend the ruling mafia.

True intellectuals will always prefer to congregate around people like Garuda, and they will always carefully avoid being members of the corrupt regime which doesn’t care about debate or freedom of speech.