Truth or dare

Truth or dare

Here are a few impressions of Kailasa Candra Prabhu’s monthly video.

The beginning of the month is always interesting because of the Kailasa Candra’s monthly movie is published.

In this month’s episode, we again received the refreshing taste of the uncompromising spirit. Spirit which was lost long ago in the corrupt organization called ISKCON. ISKCON has become so corrupt, that they are no longer able to expose deviations in the general society, what to speak about the deviations within the organization itself.

And thus, the absolute truth becomes lost.

What can you expect? When you entrust the protection of the Absolute truth to people who are not even able to say one word against the murdering of whistleblowers. Did you ever hear any ISKCON guru preach against the murdering of whistleblowers? Did you ever hear Radhanath baba’s preaching against the murder of Sulocana das? Never. Although he was present in New Vrindavan, although eyewitnesses are accusing him of being directly involved in the murder. Never, not 30 years, not now, Radhanath Swami will never preach against the murdering of whistleblowers. But he was the first person to visit the murderer in the jail and to tell him that “Everything is in Krishna’s hands now”.

Tens of thousands of retarded ISKCON members are blindly worshipping very suspicious people as “pure devotees”.

Little do they know that the first qualification of a preacher is the ability to tell the truth. Ability to point out steps in the wrong direction. Well, if you are looking for such a preacher, you will certainly find it in the personality of Kailasa Candra dasa.

The zonal acarya system was a mistake, the corporate guru licensing system through gag orders aka “guru forms” is a mistake, whistleblower murders are a mistake, but mistakes can never be fixed until we start talking about them. Increasing the understanding of the issue is possible only by discussing the issue. Being honest and sincere is possible only if you distance yourself from the misleaders.

However, as long as sweet rice is flowing on the Sunday feast, as long as there are many pretty girls around, and as long as nobody is taking Srila Prabhupada’s books seriously, the ISKCON social club will go on.

But those rare souls who like to see the world as it is, who like to use their brain to understand the nature of the Absolute reality will certainly take Kailasa Candra’s teachings very seriously.