Top 10 deviations in the corporate samadhi planning

Top 10 deviations in the corporate samadhi planning

Yesterday, I received an interesting video which is very important to watch.

This video contains at least 10 deviations which I addressed below.

The top 10 deviations in the corporate samadhi planning

1. Signing a form makes you a saint

The first mistake in this presentation is that it assumes that by signing a guru form and pledging your allegiance to Radhanath baba and the corrupt GBC organisation, you automatically become a saint who deserves a samadhi. Just yesterday we wrote an article about an ISKCON guru who ran away with a yoga teacher, but still, the Gestapo body commission is convinced that every BMW salesman, excuse me, every ISKCON representative automatically become eligible for a samadhi. 🤣🤣🤣 So, one day you are running away with your girlfriend, eating mushrooms, preaching that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms, and then the next day you get a samadhi. Maybe the samadhi can be in the shape of a mushroom. 🤣🤣🤣

2. Inability to preach the absolute truth earns you a samadhi

If you want to get a samadhi, you should preach the absolute truth? Right? But, which ISKCON guru dares to speak the absolute truth? Not one. Do you remember seeing even one ISKCON guru preaching against mayavadi Radhanath Swami? Of course not. Because they are spineless and dependent on the ISKCON corporation for their maintenance and comfortable living. Did any ISKCON guru publicly attacked fake saints like ISKCON sannyasis who live and travel with their girlfriends, aka Sacinandana “loverboy” Swami, and Giriraja “able to provide” Swami.

Then, if you are not able to speak up against deviations, if you can’t defend the absolute truth, what kind of guru you are?

3. Real saints will never get an ISKCON samadhi

Although Bir Krishna “funny guy” Swami is able to crack some jokes on the topic of corporate samadhi scam, I am not very impressed by his jokes. After all, he is just a Gestapo guy who is trying to look funny but will stab you in the back the next moment. Same Bir Krishna Goswami is one of the oldest members of Gestapo body commission, which means he participated in the persecutions of all the people who spoke the truth about the corrupt ISKCON regime. Did Bir Krishna “funny guy” Swami suggested that we build a samadhi for Sulocana, who was killed in the line of duty while exposing corrupt “guru” and pedophile Kirtanananda “monster” Swami. Of course not. Did Bir Krishna “funny guy” Goswami suggested that a samadhi should be built for Kailasa Candra dasa, who fearlessly preaches the Absolute Truth by exposing a corrupt sahajiya organization called ISKCON? Of course not. Bir Krishna considers only the members of the party to be eligible.

4. Everybody gets the same size

So, although slightly amused by corporate samadhi planning, Bir Krishna “funny guy” Goswami suggested that everybody should get the same size samadhi. It’s a great management decision which simplifies things greatly. So, Mushroom eating guru can get the same size samadhi as the murder accomplice mayavadi Radhanath Swami. Actually, I think that whistleblower killers such as Radhanath should be awarded by king size samadhi. I mean, it’s much easier to eat mushrooms and talk nonsense than to actually participate in the murder.

5. Electronic samadhi

Then, another idea is to make an electronic kiosk, and then you can press the picture of the corporate saint who cheated you by leading you to believe that mayavadis should be the leaders of Prabhupada’s movement. Then, you can read all his mushroom recipes and all his favorite Gestapo quotes. You can also see pictures of his saintly girlfriends.

6. Samadhi with an internet connection

Bir Krishna “funny guy” Goswami wants a fiber-optic cable to be provided his samadhi? So, my message to ISKCON retards is: The words of the pure devotee must always be accepted, you should not have any doubts and actually provide maharaja with an internet connection. 🤣🤣🤣

I am not sure if we need to install a router too.

7. Aratis, pujas for corporate saints

Maharaja describes the discussion about the number of offerings per day, which can be done either individually for each guru or jointly for all of them together. Well, I am confused, if I want to offer mushrooms to Bir Krishna “funny guy” Goswami, but I don’t want to offer mushrooms to other saints, how can I accomplish that if we have a group offering. I thinking we should have a separate offering for each mayavadi, excuse me, for each guru, and then we can distribute prasadam to unmarried, young women. That will make corporate saints very happy.

8. Pure devotee’s mood

This video is really Golden because it shows the way of thinking of ISKCON’s corporate Gestapo saints. Not only that they are preventing the freedom of speech, and everybody who speaks against them is immediately removed from the movement just like in China, but they are also planning their own glorification after they die.

But a pure devotee is not interested in his own samadhi. The pure devotee thinks that he doesn’t have any personal qualifications or that anyone who wants to build a samadhi for him is crazy. A pure devotee only wants to glorify his guru and expand Krishna consciousness. He doesn’t have personal motives.

Did you ever see Srila Prabhupada discussing the size of his own samadhi? Of course not.

The whole point of becoming Krishna conscious is to forget about yourself and glorify Krishna and previous acaryas.

9. Remain a donkey

Corporate gurus are so full of pride, that they want to continue to keep their disciples in illusion even after they die. My question when this charade will ever end? Instead of becoming famous by fighting deviations, they want to become famous for being spineless. They want to be glorified for their corruption even after they die. So that the corrupt organization can survive.

10. No samadhi too small, no deed too corrupt

Instead of planning the size of their samadhi, ISKCON dying grandpas who pretend to be gurus should be focused on one thing. And that is how will they reply when Srila Prabhupada asks them the following questions: How did you destroy my movement so quickly? Why didn’t you publicly go against killing of whistleblowers? How did you install mayavadi as the main guru in the GBC? Why did you tolerate sannyasis with girlfriends? And finally? Why didn’t you form an alternative to a corrupt society if you really wanted to please me?

Conclusion – simply a superstar

Getting an ISKCON samadhi brings you into the game. Dying as an ISKCON superstar brings you glorious next life, you will be able to run through the forests of Vrindavan and hunt down whistleblowers. When you get tired of hunting, you will be worshipped by Indradyumna’s dancing girls.

This song is dedicated to all ISKCON samadhi owners, both present and future ones.