To have peaceful home, you need to invite sannyasi and his girlfriend

To have peaceful home, you need to invite sannyasi and his girlfriend

It’s almost two weeks since we caught sannyasi traveling with his girlfriend in ISKCON.

And, we caught them again. This time in London. Of course, Prahladananda baba told me that Sacinandana Swami doesn’t have a girlfriend, that he “checked everything” and that I need to apologize. 😀 😀 I don’t know which is worse, sannyasi with a girlfriend or lying diksa guru.

Let’s look at the Facebook post:

Ok, this post has 36 likes and zero comments. Isn’t that proof that ISKCON is a retarded society? Not a single ISKCON member who saw this post couldn’t recognize anything wrong with it. Let’s zoom and on “Loverboy” Swami and his girlfriend photo:

So, baba is happy, he is smiling. Any real sannyasi would become scared: “Jesus, don’t take a photo of me, I am gonna end up on Hanuman’s website, there will be a scandal again”.

But you can see that baba is completely carefree because he trained his disciple retards perfectly. Baba’s disciples will never start doubting why their guru is traveling with the same girl everywhere. And baba knows what GBC body is utterly corrupt and completely incapable of resolving this mess. Baba also knows that other ISKCON fake gurus will also never raise their voice against this disgrace. Puppy guru is somebody who likes accepting donations and telling nice mayavadi stories. Puppy guru will never prevent his disciples from being cheated by sannyasi with a girlfriend.

And best of all, baba is smiling because he knows that everybody who raises his voice against his nonsense will be very quickly kicked out of ISKCON. Thus, it’s a society of retards and mutual cheating. It is no longer a society dedicated to absolute truth, it is a society dedicated to absolute tyranny.