Three glitches in the New Vrindavan’s Suicide Matrix

Three glitches in the New Vrindavan’s Suicide Matrix

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We are continuing our exploration into the suicide of Venkatachalapati das.

When you don’t explain things in an open, honest and straightforward way, then various rumors appear. Venkata’s wife doesn’t know this basic thing about human psychology. If somebody commits suicide, people are naturally interested in what was the reason. However, people harboring Gestapo mentality don’t understand this basic fact. So, after providing zero explanation in the reasons for the suicide, Venkata’s wife now expects all of us to shut up. We should be praying instead of speculating. And now, she will reiterate the flow of events, without giving any explanation.

So, she claims that he killed himself because of “internal reasons” and whoever finds that to be a strange must “put aside the desire to know every detail of his leaving”. Well, I don’t want to know every detail, I just want to know why he killed himself. On this post, there is an interesting comment:

this guy is exactly right, we would all like to see this suicide note, it would probably explain a lot. But it remains hidden.

Not only the suicide note remains hidden, but authorities started to purge any information that would actually reveal the reasons behind his suicide. In this post, this Mataji Kamalavati pastes again the comment which was initially deleted by New Vrindavan authorities.

Facebook post on NV Village-Connect Facebook forum:

Finally, someone with a little brain wants to know the truth. But their comment was deleted. Why authorities deleted the comment?

So, Susan Singh is the first person to claim that New Vrindavan Gestapo authorities are responsible for this suicide. By reposting this comment Kamalavati dasi is the second person who supports this explanation of suicide.

Third-person to support the responsibility of authorities in one of the comments is Paul Pitts, he seems far enough from New Vrindavan to be able to speak openly and close enough to know what is going on:

“Harsh authoritarian approach”? Hm, interesting. I am wondering what does he mean by that. Forth person who supports this version of the story is Radha Ramkaree:

None of the people on the forum disproved these comments, so, my theory about the Dark Lords Of Holy Gestapo inquisition is becoming more and more likely.

Email about persecutions

Fifth person who supports authorities responsibility is New Vrindavan visitor who sent me this email:

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:47:01 -0400
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: Venkatachalapati das

Hare Krishna, Hanuman prabhu. I live a few hours away from New Vrindavan temple and occasionally go there, for many years. I saw him in the temple but never spoke and didn’t know his wife. I was shocked about his “suicide” and still it affects me that I can’t move on – I keep going on Facebook and read what anyone said about this story. I found your video with your thoughts about the circumstances of his death. My intuition tells me the story doesn’t make any sense. If he was so happy – why kill himself, not caring for the suffering of his wife, his mother in India, friends or anyone? I’m thinking: what if it was not a suicide but a murder staged as a suicide? Was is his handwriting in the suicide note or was it typed by someone else? When someone is depressed – they suffer for a long time before committing suicide and people notice them suffering. You can read depression in a person’s eyes, it cannot go unnoticed. If he was so depressed – it was their duty to help him.

You said that you didn’t believe that the temple got rid of priests in the past who gained popularity because you don’t know any examples of it. I know one example – an Indian devotee Gauranatraj das was in charge of the temple (not sure what department he was in charge of) and in charge of the new project – to build Yogashala – a place for Hatha yoga and lectures by the lake ( where Venkata chalapati was found) – it was 3 years ago. After the project was completed, the temple board told him that he and his wife and a child must leave and not be allowed anymore to New Vrindavan – it had something to do with money. Something about Gauranatraj das charged his credit card to buy building materials for the yogashala and he paid off this credit card with the temple money. He did not commit suicide. He went to Las Vegas and built a new temple there. Why could not Venkachalapathi prabhu move to Las Vegas temple then? They were friends with Gauranatraj prabhu – I saw their pictures together on Facebook. Also, wife of Venkatachalapathi prabhu is listed as a head of finances in New Vrindavan on the temple website ( at least it was there when I saw it a day after he died). Maybe there is some connection with money and his death? I saw information that he was financially helping his home temple in India – raising money. I’m not taking anyone’s side, I just want the truth about what happened to such a great devotee.

The New Vrindavan’s Gestapo officers

Jaya Krishna dasa

Jaya Krishna dasa is a temple president in New Vrindavan since 2011, and a disciple of Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend Bhanu Nandini. He provided no explanation whatsoever about the motives for Venkata’s suicide. Which makes him suspect numero uno in this case. And one more subjective remark, his smile looks horrifying.

Anuttama das, he is the GBC for New Vrindavan. He never investigated anything in his whole corporate ISKCON career. Specializes in censorship and cover-up tactics. He is one of the principal architects of ISKCON’s book banning methodology. He thinks that book banning is a great strategy to solve problems. I sent him a letter about freedom of speech, which he never replied to. His last masterpiece was his spineless COVID-19 letter.


Since the murder of Sulocana das and few others in the New Vrindavan farm, residents seem to understand that asking too many questions or challenging authorities can cause you to wake up one morning without a physical body. Imagine the horror of waking up without a material body, immediately followed by seeing the smile of Jaya Krishna das. And Jaya Krishna says: “Let’s play ‘Hot and Cold”, Please try to find your body if you can”

And who would want to ask questions in the movement where top leader Radhanath Swami is a murder accomplice. I mean murder accomplices can be pure devotees, as long as they are approved by the GBC body. 🤣🤣🤣


Imagine living in a community where after your suicide, none of your friends are even entertaining the idea of why did you do it. In such a community, it becomes very easy to kill people or drive them to commit suicide.

And in lacking the official explanation, we should accept the Dark Gestapo theory given by the members of the New Vrindavan Facebook group and visitors. With wife hiding the suicide note, and nobody disproving the authorities’ responsibility, and 5 people claiming that New Vrindavan management was involved, this makes bullying by authorities the plausible motivation for the suicide of Venkatachalapati dasa.



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