Third wave, an impossible mission?

Third wave, an impossible mission?

More discussion about the Third Wave, the post ISKCON society which would be based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.

Prabhu I can just give my point of view. Your articles can be of education and eye openers to iskcon members especially the new recruits. However it would be too much to expect that members will disconnect from the organisation. Most members are either socially, financially or emotionally invested in the organisation. It is like a corporate structure, the more you are up in the ranks the more impossible to break out. Even if the truth is obvious.

Yes, many members were socially, financially and emotionally invested in the Christian church and the hippy movement. Still, they joined Srila Prabhupada because they wanted something genuine. Currently, there is no difference between ISKCON and Christianity. Both are corrupt religions without any spiritual power and absolute truth present in them. And are full of retarded followers who don’t understand the teachings of previous acaryas. So, anybody who is fed up with that will join the third wave.

What makes ISKCON different is that ISKCON was meant to become a society where the Absolute Truth is appreciated. However, it became a Gestapo organization where you can’t publicly object sannyasis who travel with their girlfriends. Neither you can publicly object mayavadi Radhanath baba and his nonsense preaching. That is “offensive”.

Whoever doesn’t see that Radhanath Swami’s preaching is different from Srila Prabhupada’s teaching is a stupid person.
Whoever sees the difference but decide to remain silent is an accomplice.
And whoever thinks that Radhanath Swami’s preaching is a more advanced version of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings is a retard.

However you could write for the new members who have not yet got dependent on the organisation.
If you write on India Iskcon you will get much more hits and awareness. Iskcon west is comparatively small and writing does not appeal to the indian members .They are not aware of how iskcon is in europe.

I am not interested in new members or old members. My website will naturally attract persons who are looking for absolute truth, those intelligent persons who are reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. My website is meant to show to people that ISKCON is corrupt beyond repair. Such thoroughly honest people will distance themselves from a corrupt organization called ISKCON and practice Krishna consciousness separately. And soon as that happens, such independently thoughtful persons will gradually start associating amongst themselves and form a new organization.

I am also not interested in the distinction between Europe or India, my website is truly universal. And I published a lot of articles about mayavadi Radhanath baba who is very popular in India, therefore, my website is very relevant for devotees residing in India.

Hence though there may not be explicit effect but your articles will help some serious members who may not express themselves but internally consider the situation. The important thing is to get people to think. Many just feel thinking itself is wrong. Just follow blindly. Unfortunately in kaliyug the religion becoming a rigid church with power center is common.

Yes, you are right about this. The idea is to inspire people to start thinking and to become independently thoughtful. Because ISKCON can only survive if members continue to be dumb sudras who are only interested in serving their corrupt authorities. The necessity of creating a new society will become much more obvious when you turn your brain on.

ys Hanuman das