The rise of the killer preachers

The rise of the killer preachers

Please read my previous articles about the murder itself and Radhanath baba involvement to get full grasp of this article.

Today, we will talk about another Radhanath’s baba supporter, Candramauli Swami. He was with Radhanath baba all along, including the New Vrindavan gastly episode. At this moment, we are not aware of any evidence that Candramauli Swami was invloved in the murder, but we have evidence that he was and possibly still is involved in glorifying devotee killers by helping them to publish books.

Should the person who killed a devotee be allowed to preach in ISKCON by writing books? I don’t think so. But Candramauli Swami wrote introduction to such book, book is named “The definitive Guide to Practicing Krsna Consciousness in Prison”. Not only that, but Candramauli Swami engaged other ISKCON devotees in translating this book, and he also participated in promoting it.

The evidence

Proof that book exists

In the webpage of ISKCON prison ministry, same books is mentioned:

These drawings were formerly placed in inmate Tirtha Das’s works entitled “The Definitive Guide to Practicing Krsna Consciousness in
Prison” (2005)

As you can see here, they call Tirtha “inmate”, but full title is “killer of devotees”.

Promotion in Slovenia

From this evidence, we can see that in 2012, Candramauli Swami participated in promotion of this book written by Tirtha das, killer of devotees. Article says:

for the first time we handed out the Slovenian translation of “The Definitive Guide to Practicing Krishna Consciousness in Prison” written by Tirtha Das with introduction by Candramauli Swami. Tirtha Prabhu is an initiated devotee and a inmate at a United States Prison.

Here you can read the full story here

We also have screenshot of that webpage, because ISKCON authorities have tendency to cover up evidence:

My email to Candramauli Swami

From: Hanuman das
To: Candramauli Swami
(submitted over contact form: on Apr 29th 2017)

Dear Candramauli Swami,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I have question regarding philosophy of Krishna consciousness. More specifically, about acara and pracara. As far as I understood, preacher in Krishna consciousness should be exemplary, both in his behaviour and in his preaching. Preacher is somebody who is either giving lectures or writing books about Krishna consciousness or both.

However, you wrote introduction to book “The Definitive Guide to Practicing Krishna Consciousness in Prison” written by Tirtha Das. My question is, since when person who kills devotees is qualified to write books about Krishna consciousness? And why did you help him by writing introduction? Why this book is even printed by ISKCON?

In 2012, you also participated in introduction of Slovenian version of that book.

As far as my understanding from his books goes, Srila Prabhupada supported death penalty for killers. And killers of devotees are especially condemned. So, how can we expect devotees to help such monsters by promoting their book.

I think it would be fair, that on your website, you warn your potential disciples that they will have to promote books written by killers of devotees if that is really your idea of “being merciful”.

This “devotee killer preachers” thing I can not digest. Please tell me what is the status of that book written by that monster Tirtha das, are you still helping him by promoting it or that is thing of the past?

your servant,
Hanuman das

Reply by Candramauli Swami

[No reply received]

My comment

Of course, as the government of United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, ISKCON gurus don’t negotiate with “aparadhis”. “Aparadhi” is everybody who thinks we should not have killers of devotees writing books about Krishna consciousness.


Candramauli Swami, like many other gurus, is big on “being silent about deviations”, but this is not a good term, so they call it “refraining from criticising others”, for example, look at one of his recent posts, published on the same day when I sent him email about killer preacher nonsense:

What I can conclude from this “wise quote”, is that I am hampering my progress by writing this article, and Tirtha das helped Sulocana das by killing him, and that is good that he killed him, because Sulocana was criticizing.

And same thing is happening today, Candramauli Swami disciples and others on the sheep level of consciousness will be extremely angry at me because I published this article. But they will never be able to see the damage that their guru is doing to Prabhupada’s movement by promoting books written by devotee killers.

And the sheep philosophy is: “Guru is guru, because he is guru, and everything he does is divine lila, which can not be understood by anybody, especially not by envious offenders. Therefore, everything guru does is correct, because he is guru, and if somebody doesn’t agree with his actions, that is not possible, because guru is perfect, and everything he does is perfect, because he is guru. And everybody else who doesn’t agree can be killed, and if you kill all people who don’t agree, one day, you will be able to write a book about Krishna consciousness as a reward.”

So, to conclude, glorifying killers, writing introductions to books written by killers, translating and promoting books written by killers, all of this is “divine preaching strategy”, but if somebody dares to expose this nonsense, then he is “aparadhi”, or offender, and all blame is on him.

Can anybody tell me how did we become so brainless?

If you don’t intent on serving devotee killers by translating and promoting their books, then don’t take initiation from Candramauli Swami.