The cheek to cheek preaching strategy

The cheek to cheek preaching strategy

APPRECIATION: Initial lead on this post was done by a devotee from Brazil, who is fed up this nonsense and willing to risk to fight nonsense. One of unsung heroes.

This post Many people may wonder why I write so much about sannyasi secretaries, and often their argument is that “sannyasi is doing a lot of service”, so having a girlfriend is not a problem.

Well, I know many sannyasis who are doing a lot of service without having a girlfriend.

Additionally, some sannyasis “chat daily” with her secretary, and exchange many emails, so we could say that they are not physically close. But there is a risk of constant chat with women being turned into something some serious. Why is that risky? When Vipramukhya Swami fell down, he met his future wife through chat.

So, once you start to get involved with woman, you can no longer preach about dangers of opposite sex. For example, sannyasi with female secretary will hardly be able to quote this verse:

Therefore woman is called yoṣit. In spiritual advancement, association with yoṣit is always restricted because if one is like a play doll in the hands of yoṣit, then all his spiritual advancement is at once stopped. It is said, “Those who are just like playthings in the hands of a woman (yoṣit-krīḍā-mṛgeṣu) cannot make any advancement in spiritual realization.” SB 4.3.11p

That is the subtle change when sannyasi falls down to female secretary level.

The consequences

And when all disciples see sannyasi who is constantly chatting over internet or associating with his female secretary, they get the idea that associating with opposite sex regarding service is “divine”.

When people start imaginging things, whole movement becomes sahajiya. That is, because everybody is naturally attracted by opposite sex, no preaching is needed, so if we don’t know philosophy, we continue to live on the cat and dog level.

In today example, we have Sri Krishna Murti das, he is temple president of ISKCON Belo Horizonte temple, Brasil.

Here is an example of his cheek to cheek preaching strategy.

Well, first problem is this is not his wife, some people would consider this inappropriate, even with wife. And messages they exchange are even worse:

“Hoje, temos a impressão de que tudo começou ontem. Não somos os mesmos, mas somos mais juntos”. Vida longa e próspera a vc, meu amigo mais amado. São anos compartilhando alegrias, tristezas, confissões, histórias, vitórias, quedas, viagens (físicas e mentais)… tantas coisas… você sabe o quanto te amo, o quanto você é importante e especial pra mim. Sempre oro a Krsna que eu possa ter sua associação e que seja sempre digna da sua amizade, do seu amor, da sua confiança. Que possamos viver ainda muitas experiências juntos nesta vida e, se tiver próxima neste mundo, que eu possa ter sua associação também (se bem que acho que vou ter muita coisa pra te pagar… rsrsrs Mas vamos lá rs…) Se não, que eu tenha sua associação em Goloka Vrndavan, para que possamos continuar servindo Krsna juntos, como temos feito desde que nos conhecemos. Ele uniu nossos caminhos, abençoou nossa amizade, então, acredito que ele abençoará nosso serviço eterno tb Te amo sempre

If you have friends in Brazil, it’s easy to translate description of this photo:

Today, we had the impression that everything began yesterday. We’re not the same, but we’re more together. Long and prosper life to you, my most beloved friend. So many years we’ve shared our happiness, sadness, confessions, stories, victories, falldowns, trips ( physical and mental )… so many things… you know how much I love you, how important and how special you are for me. I always pray Krsna that I may always have your association and that I may always be worthy of your friendship, your love, your trust. May we still live many experiences together in this lifetime, and, if we have a next life in this world, may I also have your association again ( however I think I’ll still owe you so many things… rsrs But there we go rs… ) If this doesn’t happen, then may I have your association in Goloka Vrndavan, so that we may go on serving Krsna together, as we’ve been doing ever since we met each other. He joined our pathways, blessed our friendship, so, I think we’ll bless our eternal service as well. Love you always

And temple president responds:

Devi Kamalaksi Rupini, minha linda amiga mais amada, eu só sei que só por ter estado com você nestes últimos 15 anos, tudo nesse processo já valeu a pena. E jamais houve algo ruim que não ficou lindo só pela sua presença. Porque esse é o poder de pessoas como você; dos grandes amigos. E essas experiências são mesmo a prova real do que é viver bhakti, com amor, com Krishna (e Balarama) fazendo tudo fazer sentido, tornando real a vivência neste mundo ilusório. Muito obrigado por você ser quem é na minha existência. Pela paciência, carinho, inteligência, perspicácia, humor, dança (!!!) e muito amor. Te amo muitíssimo. “A gente não faz amigos, reconhece-os.”

Devi Kamalaksi Rupini, my most beautiful and beloved friend, I know that just by being together with you for the last 15 years, everything in this process was worth it. And never there’s been anything bad that didn’t become beautiful just by your presence. Because that’s the power of people like you: of the great friends. and these experiences are the real proof of what is to live bhakti, with love, with Krishna ( and Balarama ), making everything have sense, turning life in this illusory world into something real. Thank you very much for being who you are in my existence. By your patience, affection, intelligence, insight, humour, dance ( !!! ) and much love. I love you so much. We don’t make friends, we recognize them.

What is this nonsense? Since when do we have cheek to cheeck frindships with opposite sex in ISKCON? Prabhupada is constantly warning us that we are in this material world because of opposite sex attraction and only thing that you are allowed to have is one wife, and what is this nonsense?

Unfortunately, cheek to cheek girl on the photo is not his wife, his wife looks like this:

The connection

Here is our temple president with ISKCON sannyasis, I don’t know what are they discussing, brahmacarya maybe?

Do you really expect this guy will preach against cheek to cheek tattva?

All these are results of brazilian unlimited sex theory which tries to portrait sex as divine. This is also visible in advertising yogini kiss.

And of course, all of this is consequence of Hridayananda das Goswami’s views on illicit sex:

“In his teachings, Prabhupada often defined ‘illicit sex’ as ‘sex outside of marriage,’ and he also gave a stricter definition, ‘sex not for procreation.’ So we have both standards. Many grhasthas follow the easier standard, which is still admirable in this day and age.” […] Prabhupada recognized that devotees gradually come to the advanced stage and, therefore, he gave the two definitions of proper and illicit sex for spiritual practitioners, as mentioned above. Taken from Ask Acharyadeva

Well, advancement of this temple president is pretty slow.

Trancendental women abuse

My questions is: Why temple president’s wife has to go through this nonsense and watch her husbands goes cheek to cheek with his “friend”. Didn’t wife deserve to have peaceful family life in Krishna consciousness without having to worry if her husband will pump up another baby as an accident after cheek to cheek preaching?

Piece of advice

  1. Never go cheek to cheeck with a woman unless you are married to her. Otherwise, you are on cat and dog level, and you will not go back to Godhead.
  2. If you are married, don’t crack jokes with other women, keep only association of your wife, if you are sannyasi keep it at zero.
  3. Don’t follow cheek to cheek temple president or a sannyasi with a female secretary/girlfriend/full time assistant. These people will cheat you and you will end up on Ramesh baba loka.