The tale of Russian sexual predators and gurus who support them

The tale of Russian sexual predators and gurus who support them

Should women be diksa gurus?

I don’t know, you tell me. Judging by this video, this Mataji has more guts than all spineless male gurus combined together. If she would be a guru, at least we would see some justice.

In a very interesting investigative documentary, Hari Kanta devi dasi reveals the depths of Russian ISKCON’s sexual predators and the ISKCON gurus who protect them.

Now, notice to girls, according to Radhanath baba’s philosophy, if you get raped, this is actually a great opportunity for you to practice forgiveness.

There is not a single senior leader in Russian ISKCON who can effectively deal with this issue. And so-called gurus, or “pure devotees” are even worse. Rapists and sexual predators thrive in such a retarded society.

If you don’t to spend over an hour watching this horror movie, here are the highlights

27:20 – Caitanya Chandra Charan das, ISKCON guru, protects sexual predator by enrolling him to Mayapur academy.

33:25 – Bhakti Vijnaya Goswami defends a sexual predator.

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ISKCON with its twisted ideas about justice can only survive if supported by people who are willing to be members. If you agree to be a member of such a society, you are actually feeding the criminals who are running the show. Criminal leaders use your money and service to perpetrate sexual crimes and all other types of crimes. And thus, because you support the criminals, you become implicated in the consequences or their activities.

You can’t really be a member of Ku-Klux Klan, and later say “I didn’t know anything, I was there for the food only.” Similarly, ISKCON is a deeply twisted, corrupt cult, full of criminals. And the best proof of that is that they added murder accomplice to the top leadership position.

And to really understand their dumbness, you have to read the book “Eleven naked emperors”, this book is very effective in portraying the sheep stupidity of ISKCON leadership. Eleven zonal acaryas came to know that one of them is taking LSD, and what did they do? They told him he must take sannyasa. 🤣🤣🤣 That was their solution. The problem with LSD grihastha is that he didn’t take sannyasa. 🤣🤣🤣 If LSD addict takes sannyasa, then he can be a guru. 🤣🤣🤣

Jayatirtha, one of my few friends amongst the leaders, had started taking drugs. He was going into trance while sitting on the vyasasana. He was one of the two gurus who were still householders at that time and the other zonals brought him to the meeting in Los Angeles and confronted him. They told him to take sannyasa, or they would out him as an LSD user and remove him as acharya. The poor guy was attached. He put on saffron. That was the end of his marriage and the end of any chance he had to rectify himself. It was not the end of his taking drugs. (Eleven naked emperors, Chapter 9)

It’s 2020 now, but nothing changed. ISKCON leadership is so corrupt, incapable, retarded and confused, that they can’t even get rid of sexual predators amongst their ranks. And we are supposed to believe that they will take us back home, back to Godhead.