The secret science of real Krishna consciousness

The secret science of real Krishna consciousness

Are you noticing the fakeness of ISKCON? Are you noticing how hard it is for “pure” devotees to publicly say that sannyasis can’t have girlfriends?

Krishna consciousness was kept intact for hundreds of years by peer pressure. Deviants like Radhanath baba always existed, but genuine spiritual masters were always pointing out the wrong philosophy of such deviants. In the movement of genuine followers of Srila Prabhupada, there would be no chance that sannyasi with girlfriend Sacinandana Swami would go unchallenged.

But since GBC body invented ISKCON corporation, where diksa guru licenses are distributed by the corrupt management body, who is utterly incapable of confronting mayavadis and sahajiyas,  the power of Srila Prabhupada’s sampradaya is destroyed. And while receiving a guru license, puppy guru must sign a statement that he will not “criticize” any GBC member or ISKCON guru.

We can’t confront mayavadis and “sannyasis” with girlfriends because we must be “humble”. Humble means to agree to live in a hypocritical society. We must not “be offensive”. Being offensive means to repeat actual teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

In that light, we are bringing the awesome quote from the distant past. A quote which should make us understand that ISKCON is a Gestapo organisation. (bold added by me)

The only duty of the Sadhus is to cut away all the accumulated wicked propensities of every individual. This alone is the causeless natural desire of all the Sadhus. Worldly people possess a double nature. They express one kind of sentiment but internally cherish a different purpose. Moreover they want to advertise this duplicity as a mark of liberation or love of harmony. Those who are unwilling to show any duplicity, wish to be frank and straightforward, or in other words to exercise unambiguously the function of the soul; such really sincere persons are called sectarian and orthodox by those who practice duplicity. We will cultivate the society only of those who are straightforward. We will not keep company with any person who is not so. We must by all means avoid bad company. We are advised to keep at a distance of a hundred cubits from animals of the horned species. We should observe the same caution in regard to all insincere persons. (Harmonist 28.243, January 1931)

Think about this quote next time when you are close to disciples of Radhanath baba who claim that he is a pure devotee and who will gladly share with you their mayavadi quotes.

Think about this quote when you meet disciples of Sacinandana baba, who are delighted to worship their fake sannyasi guru Sacinandana Swami who travels around the world with his girlfriend and will ban everybody who doesn’t agree.

Think about this quote next time when you see ISKCON puppy gurus who are ignoring these deviations and pretending that they don’t exist.

Think about all the people who complained about these issues and were kicked out from ISKCON, like me.