The scariest thing just happened

The scariest thing just happened

ISKCON starts prosecuting comedians.

Attack on Comedian

(only first part of the video is in English)

What did comedian say

Comedian said: “Beshak hum sab ISKCON waley hain, par andar sey sun harami porn waley hain…” Translation: “Undoubtedly we are all ISKCON people, but from the inside, we are porn people…..”


Further attacks

ISKCON also decided to sue Amazon prime:

Gestapo officer in charge

Who is Radharamn das? (as seen on his Twitter profile), he is vice president and ISKCON spokesperson. I think he is missing an “a” in his name. I think his name should be Radharaman. So, ok, he is illiterate, I am wondering how will he lead legal case.

Gestapo presentation of the upcoming legal case:

Corporate religions like to attack comedians

(SPOILER: Attacking comedians usually doesn’t end well for you)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a supporter of George Carlin, but Christianity has some really dumb concepts such as eternal hell, which deserve to be attacked.

One more comedian who should be burned by the Holy Inquisition: