The poison is spreading

The poison is spreading

For the last two years, we have been tracking two ISKCON’s greatest deviants: Sacinandana “Swami”, a sannyasi who travels with his girlfriend around the world for the last 10 years. On this website, we published evidence, both videos, and photos, of two of them being together in rock concerts in Germany, honeymoon in Australia, New York, Moscow, and London.

And I was also tracking primary enabler of this poison: Radhanath Swami because Sacinandana Swami is mostly visiting centers under control of Radhanath Swami.

And secondary enablers of this sahajiya show are all senior members of ISKCON, who are staying silent and allowing this nonsense to go on. So, what happens when you don’t fight nonsense? Nonsense starts spreading.

Many other sannyasis are looking at Sacinadana Swami and his girlfriend and contemplating how to adopt a similar lifestyle. One of them is “His Holiness” Bhakti Swarupa Caitanya Swami, who received sannyasa from Bhakti Caitanya Swami on February 15, 2015, as described on the ISKCON official sannyasa candidates webpage.

Ok, this is good, taking sannyasa means no more girls, but Sacinandana baba’s theory is so attractive. Why not be renunced, so that you can get free cash from retarded people, and in the same time have girlfriend?

Sacinandana baba recipe – stay in a hotel with girlfriend

Listen to this video carefully, this is New York, August 2017, while the camera zooms on his girlfriend, Sacinandana baba says “WE slept in the hotel”. Bhanu Nandini is the only person from Europe who could arrive with him in New York. Click here to watch, the video will start playing from 29:37.

This is just one of the many evidence that we collected over the years.

So, Bhakti Swarupa Caitanya Swami followed ISKCON authorities, such as Sacinandana Swami, and he booked a room for himself and another girl:


So, this document is important, we can see that room was booked in Kerala resort, on June 2nd, 2017, and check-in date is Nov 14th, 2017. So, room was booked 5 months in advance, this is called premeditated cheating. So, let’s see how the “Special cottage” room looks like:

Pretty good room for discussing Srimad Bhagavatam with pretty girls, would you agree?

Now, only two questions remain about persons who reserved this room. Who is Mr. Aurelijus Piesinas? And who is Ms. Eimante Seskute? Let’s google the “Aurelijus Piesinas”:

So, this is clear, Aurelius Piesinas is Ananda Caitanya das, who received his sannyasa name “Bhakti Swarupa Caitanya Swami” in 2015.

Who is EImante Seskute? She is a pretty ballet dancer from Lithuania, she even has “ISKCON desire tree profile“:

She also has a Facebook profile:


What were two of them doing there in the “special cottage”? I am not the kama-sutra expert, so I will refrain from going into details.

I can only say that Somatheeram clinic reminds me a lot on Govardhana Ecovillage. So, I don’t know why they didn’t go to Radhanath baba place, maybe they wanted some privacy.

Current status

Why are we publishing this info? Because we are now in December 2018, more than a year later, and Bhakti Swarupa Caitanya Swami is still listed as a genuine ISKCON sannyasi on Sannyasi ministry website, under number 36:


This tells us that ISKCON management is completely corrupt or utterly incapable of managing Srila Prabhupada’s society.

They didn’t react when senior fake sannyasi started traveling with his girlfriend, and now they are allowing junior sannyasis to go to retreats with pretty girls.

What to conclude

Message to ISKCON sannyasis: If you want to spend the 5 nights with a pretty ballet dancer in a remote tourist resort, better step down from sannyasa voluntarily. Don’t make me hunt you down. If you appear on my website, that is the least desirable option, both for you and for your girlfriend.

Message to retarded ISKCON members: Please continue to worship fake sannyasis. Also, continue to give them donations so that the can go to nice retreats with their girlfriends. And remember, anybody who doesn’t agree with this plan is very offensive. 😀 😀 😀

Message from Srila Prabhupada: Blind following means: “Oh, there is a swami. So many thousands of people are following. Let me become his disciple.” This is called blind following. You do not know what is that swami, whether he is a swami or a rascal. You do not know. But because everyone is going, “Oh, let me become his disciple.” This is blind following, without any knowledge, blind following.” (Bhagavad-gītā 4.34-39, Los Angeles, January 12, 1969)