The mental torture in the ISKCON Gestapo prison

The mental torture in the ISKCON Gestapo prison

Did you share a youtube video as a full-time ISKCON member? Well, you will be kicked out if your ISKCON Gestapo authorities find out.


The dreadful phone conversation

Video is in Croatian with English subtitles.

The shrink who is supposed to cure Bhuta Bhavana

I am not qualified to introduce Nitai Paramanda das, who is supposed to heal Bhuta Bhava of his malicious video sharing. So, let’s allow the main preacher in ISKCON Zagreb to introduce himself through his webpage:

Response by Bhuta Bhavana das

Bhuta Bhavana das sent the following response to Divya Prabandha, which, of course, will not change anything, because we are talking about the Gestapo here, and Gestapo is not rational. But it sheds a light on the whole situation:

My prabhu, you were suspended twice and now you finally became an officer who is suspending others. It is interesting how this represents the pinnacle of your hyprocricy: you first kick out people from the movement and then you ask them: “What are they doing with their spiritual life”. Same stupid question that you are asking me now, I was asked by Suvarna Bindu two months ago: “Who is that bearded guy and what is his practice?” 🤣😂🤣😂

That bearded guy was secretary in the GBC in the eigthies (he is Srila Prabhupada’s twice initiated disciple) who had manuscripts of black and dirty conversations of eleven self-proclaimed mahabhagavatas with Gaudiya Math who pushed out a big lie less than 10 years after Srila Prabhupada left this world. Afte that, he was the editor of Sulocana’s book, and the first one who wrote a paper against Rtviks, and then one Swami from ISKCON, Tripurari, asked him if they could take his version and integrate it into their own ISKCON version of the story against rtviks. Actually, they made another concoction. Your knowledge of history is not proper.

Back to the subject: you are pushing a method which is not actually Srila Prabhupada’s method and we have all the evidence which give exactly opposite examples, in the conversations and letters, where some temple presidents GBC men asked Prabhupada if the can through somebody out of the temple, but Prabhupada didn’t allow it. What to speak of throwing somebody out of the institution. Do I need to send you quotes?

And after Srila Prabhupada left, when the time came to say one plus one equals two in the form of bitter truths: then thousands of devotees similar to Kailasa Candra were kicked from the movement and the good part of which went to Maya. And the rest of them who stayed silent and bought the dogma automatically became degraded, stepped down from madhyama adhikari level and became bogus sahajiyas. Sunch silence doesn’t have anything to do with satyam. And horizontal spread of the international movement, by looking at the external aspects through quantity is not a proof of sincere Krishna consciousness. For example, FDG issue is just a distraction from what is a true problem.

After Srila Prabhupada left the world, as soon as his disciples iuntroduced Zonal acarya imposition, this turned out the ventilator from the power outlet (in this case it disconnected the movement from the parampara), and it seemed that proipeller is still running (due to accumulated spiritual potency which was brought in by Prabhupada throughout all these years). But, proppeller is now almost stopped. ISKCON in an apa-sampradaya.

Now, let’s clean one thing, Adhata das called me 4 days ago, and he personally asked me about Kailasa Candra, because he heard about him somehow, I don’t know how. He asked me three times that he wants to hear his lecture. After I gave him a few presentations ba Kailasa Candra, he repoarted it in, and here comes Devarsi Narada after one or two days, big promotor of lies and overestimated imaginations, he comes in defending Adhata and making fabrication of this letter that I am sending this to other devotees. I sent this letter only to Adhata because he asked me. I never pushed anything to anybody. And this Adhata guy now blocked me, telling me not to write to him anymore. Poor guy, depressed and scared from the obvious dark reality, or from presentation I gave him before the video.

What is this “heavy preaching” accusation? Devarsi needs to be replaced, or even better, for the benefit of all people of the Zagreb city, close that house of show programs and stop this overlordship. Get out and distribute books.

Such lying from the same temple president who is serial divorcee, he beat up the first wife, and had children with both wives. Now he is divorced again, and as a reward, he has the status of the temple president. I congratulate you. Are you naturally stupid or you received training? I kept this within myself for a long time. and now I am opening my mind because I don’t understand how you allowed such a compromise. And even worse mutation happened when Vedanta Krit slept in the women’s quarters, and Devarsi and Suvarna allowed that to happen. All that is not important, but Bhuta Bhavana has to go out for a phychiatric treatment with another serial divorcee, who is also a main preacher in ISKCON Zagreb. Maybe he will give me one of his massage girls to massage my anarthas out of my body so that I will forget all the offences that I made. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

But, Devarski now has to guts to punish people and throw out those who quote Prabhupada on the Vanipedia board, making a conclusion that I am speaking against Srila Prabhupada by quoting Srila Prabhupada.

And Bhakti Vikasa Swami writes me in the letter “association of great devotees in ISKCON Zagreb”. This is too much. Let the whole movement go to hell.

Tvoj ne-tako-ponizni sluga bbd


The Croatian ISKCON Gestapo circus performs under the watchful eye of the Supreme SS Commander, His kindness, Herr Prahladananda Swami.