The joy of meeting a free man

The joy of meeting a free man

Who is most popular Srila Prabhupada disciple of Facebook?

Indradyumna Swami? Nope, he is most popular proponent of harinam hula-girls. Imagined practice that goes against Prabhupada’s “chaste and shy women” philosophy.

Then, maybe, most popular disciple of Srila Prabhupada is Radhanath Swami? Nah, he is mediocre life-coach who doesn’t have any recognisable similarities with mood and mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Most popular Srila Prabhupada disciple on Facebook is Swarup das (Swarup Hebel). He is sending Prabhupada’s quotes every day for many years now. Why is he doing that? Because the guy is completely fascinated by Prabhupada. Such a rare soul. My deepest experience of him was last year when I read one of his very powerful posts:

Do you feel the power of this post? Do you see who is he talking about? Do you remember my recent post about feminist gurus?

Well, I will freely say that Swarup Hebel is more of a guru than Radhanath and Indradyumna will ever be. Why? Because Swarup Hebel can make you fascinated by Srila Prabhupada, that is the greatest present you can possibly receive in this human form of life. This is the present that Radhanath baba and Indradyumna baba can never give you, because they themselves are not fascinated by Prabhupada. Radhanath baba can convert you into nonsense yoga-practicing life coach mayavadi who “loves” everybody, and if you are a woman, Indradyumna baba can convert you to a dancing hula-girl who is showing her body in harinam for everybody to enjoy and this is very “spiritual”.

So, I had a little chat with Swarup prabhu few days ago and this chat completely blew me away.

You see, many devotees write to me how they admire my work of exposing cheater gurus, and often my next questions is “Can I publish your statement about my website?”. And then devotees start making excuses, “I live in city X, my temple president is Y, and he is disciple of guru Z, who is good friend of Radhanath baba and Indradyumna baba”, etc, etc. So, basic answer is no, I can’t publish their statement, because they are ready to support me only privately.

Why? Because they are not yet free men, they are not able to repeat teachings of Prabhupada publicly, they are not able to stand behind what is right publicly, they are still silent, self-censored servants of the evil and corrupt GBC regime.

But, Swarup prabhu is something completely different, check this out:

So, what do you think? What did he reply to my question if I can publish his statement? Did he agree to be a self-censored fool who is not able to utter the truth publicly in order to please his deviant GBC masters and their retarded followers? What would you reply to this question?

Well, he replied something very extraordinary, a great lesson for all ISKCON weaklings and spineless jellies, men who are unable to stand behind Prabhupada and become glorious by defending his teachings, men who hide behind politeness and live a lie:

Let that sink in, and think about it next time you are afraid to share or like my posts on Facebook although you know they are truth. Bunch of people who are afraid (also called cowards) never changed anything and were never victorious in any undertaking.

If we had 100 people publicly protesting about nonsense, ISKCON would never be the same.