The joy and sorrow of leaving ISKCON

The joy and sorrow of leaving ISKCON

Some thoughts on leaving ISKCON.


Hare Krsna Prabhu.
Dandavat Pranam!

I’m X Y. I’ve been a constant follower of you every since 2018 and you are the reason why I’m not
cheating Prabhupada anymore by following in footsteps of the disciples who are imitating and taking higher position, creating their own rules which are completely against the scriptures.

I must say it has been an eye opener at the beginning when I saw something after 4years of blind devotional service and after researching and researching every single day, I was finally convinced that ISKCON wasn’t the same as people perceived.

While I left ISKCON, it was really hard for me to even give up. I mean like imagine waking up every single day and doing all the devotional service and admiring the leaders of the movement who talked so pure and lead as an example but at the same time had multiple Gestapo stuff doing in the back which probably no one can even recognize if presented by him because the disciples would still think it’s something transcendental and it’s beyond our scope of perseverance.

I had various mental breakdowns after I left ISKCON as I felt cheated and it was really hard time for me. But I must say thank you to all the work you have done exposing and quoting Prabhupada strongly. This helped many like me stay away from this society.

But sometimes I feel very disheartened to what happened to me as I was a completely surrendered soul in that society and leaving that with heavy heart made me have emotional breakouts often many times which lead to bad state of my mental health. I also used to get PTSD’s and used to have bad sleep and diet. Such intense it was for me.

Now that I’m not associated anymore, it’s not that painful but like I still can’t imagine how these leaders appear like self realized renunciants and how can they do such nonsense at the same time?

Please take this message as an expression of feelings and concerns.

Thank you.
Your servant,

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