The ISKCON’s great overspill

The ISKCON’s great overspill

In Australia, we are witnessing the further degradation of ISKCON, as it gradually turns itself into hippie sahajiya movement.

The Background

In October of last year, I made a video about Indradyumna Swami and New Zealand bauls:

New Zealand Bauls and Indradyumna’s passionate circus

Indradyumna Swami is also travelling with his female russian translator:

Achieving the Neo power-sannyas level

It’s all ok, because this is “transcendental”. We are not this body.

Also, I should not even mention ISKCON’s sannyasi Sacinandana Swami who travels with his female secretary Bhanu Nandini for the last 10 years.

Follow the lead

What happens when gurus and leaders have loose relationships with women? Well, other people will follow them. Senior members will also start exhibiting similar behaviour.

For example, Chaturatma prabhu,  Indradyumna Swami’s confidential servant who travels with him everywhere will sometimes spin girls:

And so it becomes normal

We must be very careful that dancing with girls and hugging girls doesn’t become a “normal” thing. Especially, for brahmacaries.

From a post two days, we find the following photo:

Only problem is that this guy on the photo is supposed to be brahmacari, his name is Krishna Gana das, and he is setting a bad example.

Can somebody explain to me since when brahmacaries can hug girls?

Even if it happened by accident, if girl hugged him because she didn’t know the rules, he was not supposed to publish this photo, because this sets a bad example.

Once this kind of behaviour becomes “normal”, Srila Prabhupada’s movement is finished.

So, I will personally make sure that this kind of behaviour doesn’t become “normal” in ISKCON. Krishna Gana prabhu paid for this photo with his reputation, is there any other brahmacari volunteers who want to appear on my website?

In a sense, Krishna Gana is just following gurus who set bad example, but still, this problem in ISKCON still didn’t get out of control. This kind of behaviour is still exception in ISKCON, it didn’t become the norm yet. For now.