The greatest nectar of all

The greatest nectar of all

For the last couple of years, I am often reading Prabhupada’s conversations. These conversations are special nectar for anyone who has a taste for Prabhupada’s teachings.

Although Prabhupada’s conversations are available online on websites such as, it is often hard to continue where you left off.

Therefore I converted those conversations to e-book and I have it on my mobile phone. Procedure to install them is as following:

  1. Open this page on your android phone.
  2. Install free e-book reading application:
  3. Download Prabhupada conversations e-book from here.
  4. Open Moon reader which you downloaded in step 2.
  5. Under “My files”, click “More” -> Download -> Conversations-Prabhupada

Now you can read the nectar for the next couple of years, click bottom right corner to scroll down, the app will always remember when you are at and bring you to that same location.