The curious case of bhn. Irena and Sacinandana “swami”

The curious case of bhn. Irena and Sacinandana “swami”

Today, we are investigating further the trains of ISKCON as a Gestapo society. We will be looking at the curious case of bhn. Irena.

She joined Krishna consciousness around year 2000. After some time, she decided to follow and potentially become disciple of Sacinandana Swami. She attended his lectures, went to private darsans with him together with other disciples and potential disciples. Trouble started around 2003, when Sacinandana Swami told her to come on next darsan in 5 years time.

Ok, every ISKCON guru has to right to accept or reject any candidate for initiation. Gurus can not be forced to accept somebody as a disciple. But in general, it happens very rarely that somebody who is willing to follow principles get’s rejected by a guru.

Weirdness starts

Irena understood that she is no longer favoured by Sacinandana Swami, so kept sitting at the back so that she doesnt “disturb the Swami”.

In 2007, at the summer camp, Sundarananda das, who was temple president of Zagreb temple at that time, approached Irena and gave her message from Sacinandana Swami. That message was “Stop starring at me”. After that event, Irena was still going to his lectures on the summer camp, but she would listen to lectures from outside of the main tent, so she couldn’t be accussed of staring at Sacinandana Swami.

One thing to understand is that when you become leader in ISKCON, somebody who is delivering lectures, you have to understand that people will look at you while you are delivering the lecture. There are always men and women in the audience, and you have to “tolerate” that people stare at you.

Getting kicked from Nityananda Trayodasi festival (in 5 minutes)

In 2008, bhn. Irena attended Nityananda appearance festival in Zagreb temple. It is important to point out that bhn. Irena was never creating any kind of disturbance in the festivals, she was not yelling or breaking things or anything like that, and she was properly dressed.

On the Nityananda festival day, she was approached by Gaura-hari, personal servant of Sacinandana Swami. Now, if you remember my “Sannyasi-dasi experiment” documentary, Gaurahari was the one who wrote me in an email that he would like to torture me in various way, you can see his picture and his email on this link.

So, Gaurahari told bhn. Irena that SNS wants her to leave the temple and that she has 5 minutes to collect her stuff. No explanation given. She had to leave the festival without any apparent reason.

This is where things get interesting. Although Sacinandana Swami can decide who will he accept or reject as a disciple, he doesn’t have the right to kick anybody from festival in Prabhupada’s temple. Especially the person who didn’t create any disturbance. This is the first important point, Sacinandana Swami’s behaviour looks more like a behaviour of deranged maniac than of a pure devotee. You can’t just kick people out like they are trash.

If they want to be Gestapo, try to at least be as well organised as they were, if you don’t want somebody to attend the festival, you can tell them in advance, instead, they were waiting for her to come and then they kicked her out.

The explanation

Now, what is even more strange is that she demanded some kind of explanation from many people. She wanted to understand why she was not allowed to attend the festival. Nobody in the whole Croatian yatra could give her any logical explanation for this event.

Govinda-nanda, one of the most senior disciples of Sacinandana Swami, who also kicked me from the temple, was only hugging bhn. Irena, and wasn’t able to give any logical explanation.

At the end, devotee who was studying law advised bhn. Irena to approach Bir Krishna Goswami, who was at that time GBC for Croatia, so she could try to resolve the matter with him. At first, Bir Krishna Goswami didn’t want to meet with bhn. Irena. So, he told her through his secretary Adi-lila devi dasi to settle the matter directly with Sacinandana Swami.

But, it couldn’t be resolved with Sacinandana Swami, because he didn’t want to communicate with bhn. Irena, so she insisted that she meets with Bir Krishna Goswami.

At the end, they had a meeting, bhn. Irena told her story, and Bir Krishna Goswami, shorty replied: “ok, I will tell him.” and nothing happened after that.

Also, on one previous occasion, Sundarananda told bhn. Irena not to sit near Prabhupada-murti in the temple. When she asked why, he said “Because Sacinandana Swami wants to look at Prabhupada and he is seeing you.”

Kisori-vallabha, the opposite case

You see, the whole problem of approaching Sacinandana Swami, if you are women, depends on how old are you. bhn. Irena is middle-aged woman, and therefore she was in trouble. If she were 10 or 15 years younger, she would have much less problems.

I was personally told story of Sacinandana Swami by Kisori-vallabha and her husband, bh. Frano. This incident also happened around 10 years ago, it is connected with Kisori-vallabha dd, who was originally from Ukraine,  she came to Croatia as a student. After one program with Sacinandana Swami, where Sacinandana Swami saw her dance, she was approached by Sacinandana Swami’s secretary Bhanu Nandini. Bhanu Nandini told her that Sacinandana Swami asked if she would come for darsan. Her husband Frano was also familiar with the incident and he considered the whole situation very strange. She of course refused, because she was already initiated by Niranjana Swami.


We see with Sacinandana Swami, some women are offered initiation for free, some can’t get initiated even if they want to be initiated. How can we understand this philosophically. Well, it’s all about the age, When approached by Sacinandana Swami, Kisori Vallabha was in her early thirties, while bhn. Irena was middle aged.

So, based on this articles, if you are middle aged women, you don’t have much chance of being initiated by Sacinandana Swami, you are too old to go to spiritual world.

If you are male, and you have attractive young wife, be careful that Sacinandana baba doesn’t steal her from you and makes her his secretary. In modern sahajiya ISKCON, serving spiritual master has priority over serving husband, so be careful.