The corona clashes: The stupidity can literally kill you

The corona clashes: The stupidity can literally kill you

OK, it’s enough. Time for revenge.

During the last month or so, retarded people bombard me with stupid conspiracy theories, most of them are linked with the Corona virus. These links and videos are stupid beyond belief. Now, I warned ya not to send me this idiotic stuff. And often, this is sent to me by people who visit my website. Guys, you are supposed to turn your brain on while visiting my website. It’s a good idea to keep your brain on even after you visit my website.

Now, for all you retards who are sending me retarded stuff, my revenge is on. Now, I will start blasting all the retarded nonsense you have been sending to me. The format will usually be: one retarded video or article, and as a contra argument, I will post video made by intelligent people, and then add some comments.

Eating ginger makes you retarded and cures the Corona virus

After Corona baba published his first video, trying to inspire devotees to gather together in the temple and chant during the Corona virus pandemic, it seems that this stupidity took shelter in the brain of our Doctor Torsunov. The world first found out about Doctor Torsunov when he started to chant Hare Tishna instead of Hare Krishna. Now, he went a step further, in the middle of the Corona pandemic, he is actually organizing gatherings and telling people that they can become immune to the Corona virus by eating ginger.

Please press the CC button in lower right corner to turn on translation. If you don’t have time for it, read the summary below:

Summary of this 8 minute video:

  • 1:10 – The corona virus can easily be prevented by eating ginger root, you need to eat fresh slices, and you need to add kurkuma, the exact recipe is to add “Not too much “kurkuma” and you will “simply not catch this infection”.
  • 1:30 – There was a misunderstanding, ginger was supposed to be distributed to all the people who entered the hall, but nothing was actually distributed.
  • 1:48 – Ginger must be distributed right away since there is a risk of infection. The fake doctor says: “I can’t start the lecture with these people unprotected“.
  • 2:09 – Woman says that ginger is burning her, “doctor” replies “That is better than dying”.
  • 2:30 – While they are distributing ginger slices to everybody, “doctor” says it is “necessary precaution”.
  • 2:46 – Then the fake doctor says “I honestly guarantee it. 100%”
  • 3:17: – Retards says: “Those who are not taking it seriously, will put themselves at risk of dying” But he doesn’t understand that he is already putting people at risk of dying by feeding them false security of ginger vaccine.
  • 3:30 – Retard says: “If you are chewing ginger slices, that’s it, goodbye virus, no change to get it.
  • 5:12 – More fairy tales: “If just want to tell you, if you chew on ginger, if everyone you know chews on ginger, no one will become sick

And so on and on. Now, the first step from retard to an intelligent person will be to ask the right questions. So, my questions after watching this video are as follows:

  • What is the active ingredient of the ginger which kills the virus?
  • Are there any laboratory tests that can demonstrate that ginger can kill the virus?
  • Are there any clinical studies that would demonstrate ginger’s ability to kill the virus?
  • Are there any tests done by people who are in contact with infected?

This fake doctor can’t provide any evidence for any of his claims. Also, in his video, he didn’t answer any of the basic questions which should be asked after any “amazing new cure” fairy tale.

By giving such cheating lectures, this is so-called “doctor” is doing more damage than good. The Internet is full of various coronavirus “cures”, such as onion, ginger and many others. I mean, I can say that you need to put ketchup on your butt and that this will cure you of the Corona virus, but where is the proof? Use your brain, please.

Now did the GBC do anything to stop Corona baba and this crazy doctor from spreading their dangerous nonsense? Of course not. Those useless bureaucrats are not able to fight anybody. Their only expertise is banning people who don’t believe in their divinity.

The real advice

The corona clashes series of articles will always contain two videos. One video made by a cheating rascal, and one video made by people who actually know what they are doing.

Now as opposing to crazy “doctor” Torsunov videos which can actually kill you, we will also show a video by a leading epidemiologist Kim Woo-joo from South Korea. This country of 50 million is one of the most densely populated countries. After performing almost half a million tests, they have 10 000 cases of the Corona virus and less than 200 dead. This is a major achievement. This guy gives a ton of good advice. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, which I would definitely recommend, at least check the question regarding singing in the church. This is very much relevant for Srila Prabhupada followers, this explanation starts on 11:30: