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Interview with monster-maha-bhagavat-uttama offender fault-finder daemon

My God, did you see what happened few days ago? Henry Doktorski recorded an interview. What a heck ... Did he ask permission from the GBC? How can people just talk? I don't understand. You can't just talk with people, record this conversation and then publish that on youtube. This is not ok. We don't support free speech. (more…)

Lying for Krishna?

I was always wondering how it is possible that I was banned from coming to a local temple just because I don't believe Ramesh baba is divine and because I couldn't accept sannyasis with female secretaries. Well, little did I know, that this is standard practice in ISKCON, nonsense is always protected, especially if nonsense is done by "pure devotees", and those who point out things which are very wrong are called "offenders". Actually, I am lucky that I wasn't killed. (more…)

The rise of the killer preachers

Please read my previous articles about the murder itself and Radhanath baba involvement to get full grasp of this article. Today, we will talk about another Radhanath's baba supporter, Candramauli Swami. He was with Radhanath baba all along, including the New Vrindavan gastly episode. At this moment, we are not aware of any evidence that Candramauli Swami was invloved in the murder, but we have evidence that he was and possibly still is involved in glorifying devotee killers by helping them to publish books. (more…)