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Photoshopped photo turned out to be real

Few days ago, I published photo which is so weird, that many people told me it was "photoshopped". That is because they failed to notice that ISKCON has become sahajiya organisation which has publicly proven sannyasis with female secretaries . Once you wrap your head around that fact, massage is natural step further. (more…)

BREAKING NEWS: Massage bliss introduced in sannyasi life

UPDATE: Further invesgation shows that this photo is not photoshopped Today is a good day for ISKCON, sannyasis can be massaged by women. As you can see from the photo, the whole project is still in the infant stages, masseur is old and not so attractive, but this brave move is a great step toward cat and dog society, and sannyasis, as usual, lead the way. And don't dare to criticize, this is "devotional service", if you think otherwise, you are offender and you will be sent to North Korea to be educated how to appreciate the "dear leaders". (more…)