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Sivarama Swami introduces swearing secretary tattva

Since I started my little war against Ramesh baba and sannyasis with secretaries, ISKCON in the state of denial. They simply don't know what to do with me. If they ignore me, things only get worse. If they try to philosophically defeat me, this will be very troublesome. If they try to refute my solid evidence, as Prahladananda Swami tried, that is also proved to be disaster. So, if anybody in Zagreb dares to mention name of Hanuman das, the new mantra is "He is banned from coming to the temple because he is saying the right things in the wrong way." In other words, I am very rude and uncultured because I expose sannyasis with secretaries and Ramesh gopi dance. (more…)

Vote for a saint (with female secretary)

How can Sacinandana Baba survive with traveling around the world with secretary for 10 years. It's very simple, if he is dragged down from his position because of secretary, then other sannyasis with "personal" secretaries will also surface and further questions will be asked. (more…)