Sivarama Swami introduces swearing secretary tattva

Sivarama Swami introduces swearing secretary tattva

Since I started my little war against Ramesh baba and sannyasis with secretaries, ISKCON in the state of denial. They simply don’t know what to do with me. If they ignore me, things only get worse. If they try to philosophically defeat me, this will be very troublesome. If they try to refute my solid evidence, as Prahladananda Swami tried, that is also proved to be disaster.

So, if anybody in Zagreb dares to mention name of Hanuman das, the new mantra is “He is banned from coming to the temple because he is saying the right things in the wrong way.” In other words, I am very rude and uncultured because I expose sannyasis with secretaries and Ramesh gopi dance.

So, best strategy of fight me is to introduce Swearing sannyasi secretary who will hopefully be able to defeat me. Well, that didn’t work out as planned, so after insulting me in every possible way, swearing secretary decided to delete all here comments on my previous post. This is the proper moment to invoke SCREENSHOT ASTRA.

She first called me {{< red “SCUMBAG” >}}, which means “a dirty or despicable person”. I want to point out that I take shower every morning, and according to vedic standards, I take shower after passing stool.

In the second attempt to prove that her “daily contact” with Maharaja is ok, she calls me {{< red “twisted-headed dirtbag” >}} and {{< red “moron” >}}.

And last argument that daily contact between sannyasi and his secretaries is ok, is that everybody who doesn’t agree with secretary tattva will have his {{< red “balls ripped out” >}}. But don’t worry, she is chaste and shy, she will not do it personally, she will send her husband to do it.

What can I say at the end? Welcome to Hungary.


I never used vulgar language, I never insulted anybody, I only provide facts on my website, how did I became ISKCON’s greatest aparadhi, I have no idea.

Oh yea, almost forgot, my favorite quote regarding sannyasi secretaries:

In the name of religion you do all nonsense rascaldom, and if the leader approves, “Yes, you can do.” Vivekananda did it. Vivekananda did it. “Yes, there is no difference between eating meat and not meating eat in terms of religious system.” He preached this, and all the sannyāsīs of Ramakrishna Mission, they eat meat, they drink, they have WOMAN SECRETARY, and everything. This Chinmayananda also like that. I know his whole history. Unless one is purely Kṛṣṇa conscious, one cannot give up ALL THESE BAD HABITS. This is the test. Morning walk — April 24, 1974, Hyderabad

Placeholder of apology

(If Krishna lila devi dasi ever decides to make an apology, it will be added here. As long as this text is here, that means apology didn’t happen yet.)