Sacinandana “Sleeping beauty” baba

Sacinandana “Sleeping beauty” baba

Time to send Sacinandana baba another letter. I hope I will not wake him up. Oh, I almost forgot, Bhanu Nandini is handling his email. I usually give 48 hours for reply, but baba never replied a single letter to me, so no need to wait.

My email to Sacinandana Swami

Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 09:09:52 +0000
Subject: mangala arati apple tattva
From: Hanuman das
To: Sacinandana Swami <>

Dear Sacinandana baba,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Ramesh baba.

I am soon going to make another video about you, it will be called “Sleeping beauty”, although I didn’t make final decision on the title.

But, before making this video, I want to check up all the facts with you in advance.

Here is a story, that I heard from your most confidential gopi in Croatia, Ishwara Pooree baba, I want to check with you if this story is true or not.

Isvara Puri told me about meeting with Sundarananda das, ex temple president in ISKCON Zagreb, who was kicked out because almost everybody in his “temple” was sleeping till 7 AM. You know Sundarananda, right? He is also your disciple who likes to cultivate girls and help them in Krishna consciousness. They are both completely loyal to you. Here is Isvara Puri’s testimony:

During the meeting, Sundarananda said to me, “But, our guru is also not getting up for mangala-arati.”, I replied “When one is able to eat one apple per day like our guru does, then he doesn’t have to get up on mangala-arati”.

Now, Isvara Puri is your faithful disciple, he had no reason to lie to me. Therefore, I want to check additionally with you if it is true that you are not getting up for mangala arati.

Also, I am interesting to know, if that is not too confidential, what are your dreams during brahma muhurta. These dreams must be extremely cool since you are staying in bed during that time. I guess you are dreaming that you are genuine guru who can take their disciples back to Godhead. Or maybe you are dreaming that Ramesh is giving you bhav.

One way or another, I would like to join your gopi club if possible, can you give me my gopi name? This Prabhupada guy is really terrible, do you know what he wrote? Here is a quote:

Everyone must rise early, take bath attend mangala arati, chant at least 16 good rounds, attend class, and follow the four regulative principles strictly. If these things are lax, then there is no question of spiritual life. Any one who does not accept these things staunchly will have to fall down. You must teach them by your own personal example otherwise how will they learn. If you are loose in your habits, then everyone in your temple will also be loose in their habits. So, as one of my elder disciples, be strong. Do not deviate and you will be blessed. (Letter to Abhirama, Bombay 16 January 1975)

Oh my God, did you see that, no wonder you took shelter of Ramesh baba, this Prabhupada guy is terrible.

One of your aspiring disciples, bh. Ivica was living in ISKCON Zagreb temple, he was getting up at 3 AM, and chanting 32 rounds, and then he went to distribute books written by that old grandpa who was pushing mangala arati. Please tell him to stop speculating. And I think that your disciples who are getting up earlier than you are actually offensive, you know the saying “Don’t try to be better than your guru”.

I am hairy and fat, but I still hope that you will accept me as your gopi,
your servant, Hanuman das

P.S – Please send me exact name of what brand of that one apple that you are eating per day, I want to try it.

P.P.S. – I haven’t had time to double check, by my sources tell me that you moved with another family in Neuruppin, young couple with a small girl, that your servant Madhusudana is getting married, and that you want to setup Bhanu Nandini’s office in the house of that family. Is that true?

Sacinandana baba’s reply

[No reply received]