Sesa das joins sannyasi-girlfriend alliance

Sesa das joins sannyasi-girlfriend alliance

This week, Sacinandana baba, ISKCON’s only sannyasi who travels with his girlfriend for the last 15 years visited Alachua, Florida, USA.

Such travels always make me curious, who is the person there who is in charge for spiritual standards. Who is the person who is supposed to protect devotees from sannyasis with girlfriends, but who instead chose to betray Prabhupada by allowing sahajiya circus.

Alachua is close to Gainesville, Florida:

Oh, it’s Sesa prabhu, he is allowing devotees to be fooled by ISKCON only sannyasi with a girlfriend. Let see how he looks like:

Oh, damn, he is also in the GBC body, which makes him the person who is supposed to protect Prabhupada’s legacy. We are doomed.

North Carolina

Sacinandana baba was also in North Carolina:

Oh, his seminar is called “Art of transformation”. I hope he will transform himself from sannyasi with girlfriend to a sannyasi without girlfriend.

I wonder who is in charge for North Carolina, who is another supporter sannyasi-girlfriend alliance.

Oh, it’s mushroom acarya  who likes to play volleyball. Ok, now everything is clear.

Mind refresher

Sacinandana baba is first ISKCON scientist who made sannyasi-dasi experiment, we just crossed 13 thousand views on that video:

Additionally, only last year, they were caught together in India:

Sannyasi female secretary video services

Girlfriend’s friend confirms divine female secretary tattva

They were also caught in UK:

Summary of Sacinandana Swami’s 2017 honeymoon

And they were caught together in Bhakti Center New York:

Rotten to the core

Email to Sesa

Let’s try, why not.

Date: Fri, 25 May 2018 09:05:41 +0200
Message-ID: <>
Subject: benefits of Joining sannyasi-girlfriend alliance
From: Hanuman das
To: Sesa das <>

Dear Sesa Prabhu,

please accept my fault-finder obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

My spies from Alachua are reporting in that Sacinandana baba visited Alachua few days ago.

Can you explain for the readers of my website why did you join sannyasi-girlfriend alliance. Please use Prabhupada’s quotes to support your position.

You can see the details here:

ys Hanuman das

Reply form Sesa das

[no reply received]


Can somebody please point out to me GBC body member who is honestly trying to preserve Prabhupada’s legacy?