Secrets of karmi grandpa guru tattva

Secrets of karmi grandpa guru tattva

Hare Krishna, we had a big honor that Bir Krishna Goswami arrived today in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are all glad to notice that he finally reached karmi grandpa guru tattva.

Here is the arrival video:

Ok, the first problem: Why is he dressed in karmi clothes? Maybe he arrived from Iran? Maybe he was preaching in Iraq? Or maybe he was giving a speech about real peace in Syria?

Nope, checking on his facebook wall shows us that yesterday he was in USA:

So, if he was traveling in from non-muslim USA to non-muslim Slovenia, why he is not wearing sannyasi uniform? Maybe he changed flights in Muslim Londonistan. 😀 😀 😀

Ok, doesn’t matter, but I really expected that he will take shower, change to sannyasi dress and sit on vyasa-asana. But he didn’t do that, that isold-fashionedd sannyasa, for junior sannyasis who are neophytes.

High-class sannyasis who on the karmi grandpa level, sit right on the Vyasa-asana without taking shower, without changing clothes and without putting tilak. OK?

Then he continues to give guitar concert and very relaxed lecture:

In the above video, after some guitar songs, he starts comforting devotees who are still scared of Krishna consciousness. Some points which are important to grasp:

Associating with non-devotees

Karmi grandpa guru said: Non-devotee is a “divisive” word. Rather, we “are all in this together”. Everybody is a devotee actually, only some devotees who are killing cows and drinking alcohol, they are devotees who don’t know that they are devotees. (-1:24:52)

I don’t think Srila Prabhupada would agree.

Srila Prabhupada said: That is… Asat-saṅga-tyāga-ei vaiṣṇava-ācāra, asat-eka strī-saṅgī kṛṣṇābhakta āra [Cc. Madhya 22.87]. Asat. Asat means bad element, bad association. So asat-saṅga. We have to give up asat. “So who is asat, Sir?” Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s speaking = asat-saṅga-tyāga ei vaiṣṇava-ācāra. Vaiṣṇava’s behavior, Vaiṣṇava’s character should be simply to give up the company of the asat….. (Lecture SB 1.10.13, Jun 26, 1973, Māyāpur)

Srila Prabhupada also says: Prabhupāda: …in a different style. (break) …money. These rascals are also after woman and money, in a different style. Asat eka strī-saṅgī. Caitanya Mahāprabhu immediately rejects him, that “He’s a rascal. He’s after women.” Immediately. Asat strī-saṅgī. Two kinds of rascals—nondevotee of Kṛṣṇa and woman-hunter—reject immediately. That is Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s … (Morning Walk — Jan 31, 1977, Bhuvanesvara)

Can devotees listen to music that is not about Krishna (-1:10:0)

Karmi grandpa guru said: Listening karmi music ok, as long as it is in the mode of goodness. Even Prabhupada was listening karmi music, which is called shenai music.

Karmi grandpa guru touches many karmi subjects in while discussing this topic, he asks rhetorical question “Is guitar karmi instrument?”, then he says “Or, the pants that I am wearing, are they “karmi pants”? Then he mentions how harmonium is an instrument that originated in the west.

In this way, karmi grandpa guru is just confusing people.

The truth of the matter is very simple actually. In our life, we are trying to do everything for the pleasure of Krishna. And how do we know what is pleasing to Krishna? We look at life and teachings of Srila Prabhupada, this gives us the answer what is pleasing to Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada played harmonium, therefore harmonium is pleasing to Krishna. Srila Prabhupada didn’t play guitar, so we don’t know if a guitar is pleasing to Krishna, so let’s stick with harmonium, because we know for sure that it is pleasing to Krishna.

As far as shenai music is concerned, Srila Prabhupada explains that this kind of music is used in South Indian temples to greet Deities:

Yaśodānandana: Many temples also in South India, they have all the functions in the morning-waking up the Deity, bathing the Deity, dressing the Deity, they have different shenai tunes for that. Every temple.
Prabhupāda: Yes. Similarly here introduce. (Morning walk, Mayapur, March 11, 1976)

So, shenai music is pleasing to Krishna, very simple. Whatever acaryas told us to play for Krishna, we follow that.

But karmi grandpa guru somehow doesn’t understand that. He wants to play guitar in pants without tilak in the middle of the temple room and his retarded followers should think that this is pleasing to Krishna.

How can we maintain faith in Prabhupada (1:06:05)

Karmi grandpa guru doesn’t give the obvious answer: You can be fascinated by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. 

Rather, he said we should hear “about Prabhupada” by reading other books. Jesus Christ, what kind of retarded answer is that.

Out of the answer which lasts 10 minutes, he said once that we should read Prabhupada’s books, and that lasted 3 seconds.


After you real ALL PRABHUPADA’S BOOKS, you can read retarded biographies written fallen sannyasi who is also writing sexy novels (Satsvarupa das Goswami).

# Conclusion

That’s it. My nonsense filter got jammed, I can no longer listen to Karmi grandpa guru’s lecture. Now, you surely want to know how to become karmi grandpa guru. Well, it is not easy, before even thinking of becoming a karmi grandpa guru, you should have two primary qualifications. First is that you must become Jedi, or at least you have to be very knowledgeable in the field of Star wars tattva:

But, becoming Jedi is not enough, you have to also possess confidential knowledge how Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms:

“Pure devotees” now claim that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms

And the scariest thing of all is that this guy is in the GBC body. He will decide who will be ISKCON guru in the future. Hilarious. Guru list should be abolished, there is something deeply wrong about it.

You become a guru by repeating Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, not by preaching nonsense in pants.