Scootananda Swami introduces Kripalu sahajiya

Scootananda Swami introduces Kripalu sahajiya

ISKCON gurus are doing som much nonsense, that I am barely catching up.

I am overworked and underpaid and am going to hell by doing so many offenses. I sometimes wonder why did I turn on my brain in the first place.

My keyboard is still hot from firing at Neslottama and BB King, who introduced Wishful-thinking-Ananda Swami to ISKCON Mauritius, but already, we have a new scandal.

Ok, first, let’s see who is GBC for Delhi:

Oh, it’s Scootananda Swami, after kicking a few devotees from the movement in a pure Gestapo style, Scootananda Swami introduced scootanam. For a moment there, I thought he is naturally stupid, but now I understand he is not, he took some training in stupidity.

Scootananda Swami did the unimaginable, he allowed Krpalu Sahajiya followers to ISKCON temple. On October 17th, Kripalu Maharaja followers had a program in Scootananda Swami’s temple:

Now, of course, I can’t even start to describe the glories of Kripalu Maharaja because I am not qualified. So, to fully grasp the importance of Kripalu Maharaja and his followers, we must visit his website. On this website, we can find where Kripalu Maharaja fits in the whole picture:

So, as you can see, by inviting Kripalu’s followers, Scootananda Swami is actually fixing Srila Prabhupada’s neophyte understanding. Because Srila Prabhupada always mentioned the first 4 acaryas, but somehow always missed to mention Kripalu Maharaja.

You see, Srila Prabhupada preaching the philosophy of using intelligence to discriminate who is who, but Scootananda Swami is following the philosophy of Radhanath baba, and that is “We should love everybody who gives us money (except Sulocana)”.

So, for you as an ISKCON follower, it is very important never to doubt Gopal Krishna aka Scootananda Swami. Whatever he does is perfect, including inviting Kripalu’s followers. After all, he is administratively pronounced pure, and if you say something against his “Kripalu Lila”, you will be kicked out of ISKCON. As a member of the retarded ISKCON organization, you can’t publicly express your opinion or use your brain. You can’t fight Gestapo general Scootananda Swami who kicked out your friends from ISKCON. No, you should be “humble” and remain quiet. Additionally, you should hope deep within your heart that you will receive “mercy” of Scootananda Swami and Gestapo body commission, and in this way, you will be able to go home, Back to Gestapo Godhead.

Of course, many people hope that Gestapo Godhead is spiritual world of Goloka Vrindavan. But fortunately, there are no Gestapo officers in Krishna’s kingdom. Krishna likes to associate with people who are utterly honest, and sincere followers of Srila Prabhupada. Gestapo Godhead is actually the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where Kim Jong Un will be your God and you will have to cry out of intense love for him or you will be shot. And by betraying Srila Prabhupada, you didn’t deserve anything better.