Sannyasi female secretary video services

Sannyasi female secretary video services

Good news guys, Bhanu Nandini dasi has opened Instagram profile. As ISKCON’s only female sannyasi secretary who travels with “pure devotee”,  “guru” and a “sannyasi” who is on most advanced level of girl-prema, she started documenting their travels. She recorded video of her boss, husband, sannyasi and all around good guy Sacinandana baba while two of them were in some temple in India.

I mean, if somebody told me: “Take sannyas, and travel with girl around the world”, I wouldn’t dare to try to pull this thing off. I mean, what if somebody still reads Srila Prabhupada’s books? What if sannyasi minister is not corrupt or blind and he speaks up?

But, once your reach 4th category of a devotee – Girlfriend uttama-adhikari, you can do whatever you want basically.

And, we can all learn a lot from Sacinandana baba. On the beginning levels of devotional service, you can be brahmacari and renounce association of women, then as you progress to grhasta, you can associate with one woman only. On the vanaprasta level, you are gradually renouncing your wife because she became too old. And on final stage, sannyasi asrama, you can obtain a much younger girlfriend, that is the time when you become actually saintly. On a sannyasi-girlfriend stage, you prepare yourself to enter the rasa-lila. 😀 😀 😀 I looove Sacinandana baba’s version of Krishna consciousness.