Sacinandana baba joins “no brain, only love” festival

Sacinandana baba joins “no brain, only love” festival

ISKCON is in trouble. ISKCON is in big trouble. Since Radhanath baba became the main guru in ISKCON, almost everybody became retarded.

Radhanath baba started spreading retarded philosophy of “love”. Main rules of “new ISKCON” is that you should not criticize anybody, you should not judge, you should not discriminate. Rather, no matter what you see, you should put a retarded smile on your face and say “Love”.

And ISKCON retarded followers are doing exactly that, they stopped discriminating, they stopped judging. When other ISKCON gurus saw the success of Radhanath baba, they also become retarded. And now even Bhakti Marga group looks bonafide. Let associate with them, let’s become retarded together.

“Bhakti marga” is founded by Vishwananda, ex Sai baba follower. If you are interested in studying the background of this retard, you can look at our previous article about him:

ISKCON’s sahajiya meltdown

As you can see Radhanath baba is very fond of Vishwananda, so much that he thought it is ok to take a photo with him. You see, in Radhanath’s ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada is just “one of many saints”. His books are no longer taken seriously. Srila Prabhupada warned us on many occasions not to associate with sahajiyas, cheaters and fake saints. On the contrary, the mission of ISKCON is to defeat all those rascals and establish real Krishna consciousness.

Following in the footsteps

Of course, whatever Radhanath baba does, Sacinandana baba follows. So, Sacinandana baba decided to join Festival organized by Bhakti marga followers.

Can somebody tell me since when ISKCON members participate in Sai Baba festivals? This guy Vishwananda was a member of the Sai Baba movement before he was kicked out. If you look at the bottom of the page, Bhakti Marga is the organiser of this festival:

and the motto of the festival is pure mayavada:

Of course, we have some distinguished speakers who will explain to us what is love:

Bhakti Marga is something like Krishna consciousness but without all uncomfortable things. So, what is uncomfortable in Krishna consciousness? Most uncomfortable things are: Srila Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada’s books, 4 regulative principles and the necessity to think.

So, Bhakti Marga is Krishna consciousness where there is no Srila Prabhupada, there is no Srila Prabhupada’s books, no regulative principles and no brain required.

The biography  of a highly paid prostitute

Watching activities of Sacinandana “Swami” and his girlfriend, he reminds me of a high-class prostitute. This comparison is not offensive because best friend of Sacinandana Swami (Krishna das) calls himself a “Spiritual slut”.

So, Sacinandana never really liked Srila Prabhupada. He always had more taste for his girlfriend Bhanu Nandini. But, as they travel together for over a decade, some ISKCON members raised their eyebrows. He can no longer travel to ISKCON temples who have some sanity left. So, Sacinandana baba had to sell himself to the highest bidder, as any real prostitute would do. So, Sacinandana Swami sold himself to Radhanath Swami, and started propagating Ramesh baba. As we follow Sacinandana Swami travels, we can see that he travels exclusively to ISKCON temples controlled by Radhanath and his followers.

But, as a prostitute has to fulfill the desires of her rich masters, Sacinandana baba has to prostitute himself in Bhakti Marga festivals. Wherever there is money, followers and pretty girls to be made, Sacinandana baba will happily jump in. Especially if it pleases Radhanath Swami.

Enjoy your brainlessness

Here is a little taste from the “No brain, only love” festival from the last year:

Jesus, I feel “spiritual” after seeing this. And half of my brain cells just died. All I need now is Bhakti Marga Swami Sacinandana to give me a seminar about “love”. 😀


If you are ISKCON member, don’t you dare to preach that Bhakti Marga is not bonafide. Even “pure devotees” participate in their festivals.

If you are ISKCON guru or GBC body member, just continue to be silent. In this way, you can reap the consequences of Sacinandana baba’s cheating. Just follow Radhanath baba and become a dog in your next life.


Just to make this article future-proof, let’s archive full home page of this retarded festival.