The russian campaign

The russian campaign

One more letter with resonated with silence.

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 08:44:36 +0000
Subject: opening the russian front
From: Hanuman das
To: Bhakti Raghava Swami <>,
Sacinandana Swami <>,
Jayadvaita Swami <>,
Kadamba Kanana Swami <>,
Lokanath Swami <>,
"Virabahu (das) ACBSP (GBC)" <>,
Gopal Krsna Goswami <>,
"Kavicandra Swami (GBC Japan)" <>,
Sesa das ,,
Bhaktivaibhava Swami <>,
Bhakti-bhusana Swami <>,
"" <>,
Basu Ghosh Das <>,,
Dietlinde Kaufmann <>

Dear senior members of ISKCON, dear GBC members,

I made three videos which are full of evidence about improper behaviour of Sacinandana Swami, namely promoting Ramesh baba and travelling around the world with unmarried secretary. Here are the links:

These three videos were seen over 6000 times in recent months. You were all receivers of my previous letters, so you are in the loop so to say.

I am about to expand my awareness campaign to Russia now, russian translation of my first video is already done.

I am ready to stop my campaign if Sacinanandana Swami promises not to meet Ramesh baba ever again and if Sacinandana Swami disciples stop bringing Ramesh baba followers to Croatia.

As far as secretary girlfriend is concerned, last information I have is that Bhanu Nandini is still Sacinandana Swami’s secretary, and that they live 5 minutes by car from each other. This is unacceptable. They need to marry or live at least 200 kilometers from each other.

Dragging sannyasi with a girlfriend around whole internet is every painful, I think we would all agree on this point, and it should be avoided. However, this issue can’t be avoided until it is resolved.

Additionally, as a side effect, GBC body reputation is also melting, since devotees are seeing that you are covering up for sannyasi with a girlfriend on the sannyasi list and on the guru list, which gives shadow of doubt in the ability of the GBC to impartially enforce spiritual standards.

Although Srila Prabhupada was very keen on exposing cheaters, I have personal desire to resolve this issue as soon as possible, but things are not resolved at all, and therefore I will be launching my russian campaign. There are already devotees in majority of western countries and India who are aware of the cheating process introduced by sannyasi-dasi tattva. And things will only get worse.

I will not stop until I establish worldwide ISKCON ban on Ramesh baba tattva. Currently, only person who is banned is me, and I was banned because I exposed Ramesh baba, which is exactly opposite of what should be done.

I would also like to warn esteemed members of the GBC that we will all meet Srila Prabhupada after we die, so please, let us all act in such a way that we don’t have to see Prabhupada’s angry face after we leave this world.

And I would like to add two sweet quotes for the end:

Regarding the position of a person who does not speak even when he knows the truth: jani saksi nahi deya tara papa haya. ‘A person who knows things as they are and still does not bear witness becomes involved in sinful activities’. (May 17, 1975 morning walk)

The purport of the poetry is that one who is mischievous, he is culprit. But one who tolerates mischievous activity, he is also culprit. If you are mischievous, you are criminal. But if you tolerate mischievous activities that is also criminal. (May 3 1973 Morning walk)

I would appreciate very much response from everybody who is receiver of this letter, in which you would give me your stance on the matter. The more we ignore this snowball which is rolling down the hill, the bigger it becomes, and the more devastating effect it will have.

your servant,
Hanuman das