Rtviks start showering mercy with rain of eggs

Rtviks start showering mercy with rain of eggs

Rtviks are the only real followers of Prabhupada. You have to remember that. Nobody knows what Srila Prabhupada really wanted except rtviks.

Three weeks ago, I published my last article about rtvik organization Akshaya Patra egg distribution and how they actually agreed to pay for eggs.

Rtviks start egg mission

Look at the comments under this article. They called it a conspiracy of the evil media, who want to discredit poor Madhu Pandit.

This anonymous guy claims that I am disturbing egg mission with fake news.

And in this comment, he really reminds me of ISKCON. Rtviks are great, and every newspaper in the world took a collaborative effort to post fake information. And everybody who doesn’t agree that all newspapers post fake stories is an offender. 😀 😀 This reminds me of New Vrindavan when pure devotees killed a couple of people and then preached, “Don’t call the police, police are daemons”.

So, in the past, I published an article by a less known newspaper. But now, a similar article appeared in the Times of India.

If this news is fake, there is a big opportunity for Madhu Pandit to earn a lot of money by taking legal action against them.

The Times of India is an Indian English-language daily newspaper owned by The Times Group. It is the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and largest selling English-language daily in the world according to Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Headquarters: Mumbai
Circulation: 3,198,449 daily (as of Jul–Dec 2017) (Source Wikipedia)

Times of India published an article confirming the same info I gave in my first article. You can also read the full article