Rtviks introduce meat eater “prasadam”

Rtviks introduce meat eater “prasadam”

Do you remember my last rtvik video I posted few weeks ago?

In the meantime, rtviks went a step further and introduced “meat eater” prasadam. Since rtvik system, also called “zombie guru theory”, is just a repackaged christianity where parampara is completely eliminated, it is not unusual that they introduced this nonsense.

In their instagram post from July 11th, they invited meat eater to “prepare prasadam for Krishna”:

So, what is the problem here? Problem is that Krishna doesn’t accept food cooked by non devotee meat eaters. But, who cares about Prabhupada and his instructions, rtviks certainly don’t care. Now, when they got rid of “evil gurus” and decided to “take initiation from Prabhupada directly”, who will correct this nonsense?

This is the best example how you fall down when you try to convert Prabhupada to Jesus, you lose all intelligence.

But, how can we know that Sanjeev Kappoor eats meat and cooks meat? We have to check his recent interview:

So, who is the guy responsible for this nonsense, it is the main rtvik guy on the planet, Madhu Pandit das:

If Madhu Pandit is so clueless about what constitutes prasadam, and what Krishna accepts, his followers are most certainly even more stupid.

Prabhupada’s idea was to establish new civilization called varna asrama, not to distribute bhoga cooked by meat eaters to karmi schools.

So neither fake guru can deliver you from this material world, and zombie guru theory followers are even worse, so, only way is to find genuine guru.

If Madhu Pandit had a real guru, he would surely explain to him what constitutes prasadam and what constitutes nonsense.