Revolution can not be made by spineless blind-believers

Revolution can not be made by spineless blind-believers

Here are a few questions about the future of ISKCON.

This discussion is taken from Facebook, where we discuss my article about mortal Krishna and mythological pastimes:

Trully, trully disgusting… but I’m so foolish, weak and disgusting myself that I cannot leave this institution and fully enter legacy of Lasting Impression. Please forgive me my hypocrisy Srimad Hanumanji prabhu. I’m a sheep because i lay faith in institution based on my bodily needs instead of Srila Prabhupada and Sri Krsna who are only true ultimate benefactors. What is your open advice for brahmacaries who wish to leave ISKCON? Have you ever thought of devising a plan how to actually reorganize people or that is yet to come by someone else? I mean you’re somewhat rich, how otherwise will these followers of yours rise up except just shouting on internet. There must be somekind of reorganization. Like, I’m wondering where is Daneshvar prabhu lurking around. It trully must be hard for such induviduals and yet what to speak of yourself.
It seems that for now: internet is one of only type of sources of sadhu sanga for such honest Prabhupada followers. I salute you all.

My Reply

Revolutions are created through ideas. Ideas are fueling revolutions. My website is dedicated to spreading ideas that Gestapo body commission doesn’t want you to hear about.
Before you can move large masses of people, we need leaders who will lead the change, and leaders need ideas worth spreading.
We are offering to people the new life outside of ISKCON’s mental prison, those who are sincere, they will accept it.
Dhanesvara Das is one brave person, but we need more such people, we need brahmacaries, and we need people with money.
From the other side, if a majority of people like to live under ISKCON Gestapo regime, and they are not willing to organize a revolution, then nothing will change, then they will get exactly what they deserve.
If you look at revolutions and regime changes around the world, always there were very few people who were spreading an idea, and this idea took a foothold in the hearts of the masses.
Iranian revolution, for example, the whole country collapsed just by the underground spreading of tapes and recordings of sermons made by Khomeini.
In Vietnam, people were ready to go and live in the jungle just to fight for their ideas.
So, ultimately, it is up to ISKCON members to dethrone Radhanath baba and get rid of sannyasis with girlfriends. Nobody else will do it instead of them. Krishna is willing to help, but only if ISKCON members are willing to fight. If everybody is happy with the status quo, why would Krishna intervene?
You should try to find similarly minded brahmacaries and open a center independently of ISKCON. ISKCON monster organization is being fed by the work of brahmacaries who agreed to work under the ISKCON flag. This is wrong. You should order original Srila Prabhupada’s books and open an independent center.
Srila Prabhupada’s disciples opened 108 temples in a few short years, you can open at least one nama hatta center, because we need to restart the movement.