Reunited with green eyes

Reunited with green eyes

As a modern ISKCON saying goes, “It’s easier for a monkey to renounce a banana than it is for an ISKCON sannyasi to renounce a young, unmarried, female assistant”.

Here is the reunification video from few days back:

(DISCLAIMER: This video is real, it is not costly animation produced in Hollywood)


Here, in the Lasting Impression headquarters in Croatia, we want to dedicate a song to all ISKCON sannyasis who are returning from the battlefield of Maya and are longing to have their lectures translated by their young, unmarried female translators:

(DISCLAIMER: We apologize for lack of political correctness, unfortunately, no gay couples were featured in this video)


If you don’t understand why this video is interesting, checkout our previous article about Indradyumna Swami’s travels with his russian translator, which prove that this is happening for many years now:

Achieving the Neo power-sannyas level

And my detailed analysis: