Retarded ISKCON member discovers that brain is needed

Retarded ISKCON member discovers that brain is needed

For years now, I have been warning spiritually inquisitive people about retarded ISKCON theology.

Main proponents of retarded ISKCON ideology are Radhanath baba and many other mini-gurus like  Mahatma das and Candramauli Swami. According to new ISKCON dogma, the most important thing is not to judge. You should never judge others, that is offensive. I guess that retarded ideology draws its roots from liberals in the United States of America. They are big on this “don’t judge me” thing. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just look at this recent poster from Mahatma das:

So, what happens when retarded ISKCON member puts up retarded ISKCON question: “How not to judge?”

This is too hilarious to miss, it’s almost like a mental institution which prepares retards to join the normal society.

(when you press start, the video will autoplay from 47:50)