Result of serving sannyasi with a female secretary

Result of serving sannyasi with a female secretary

This is how you end up when you serve sannyasis who travel around the world with female secretaries. This photo was taken from facebook, and it portays Patrick Nickisch, also known as Purushottama Krishna das, and he is disciple of Sacinandana baba.

When he is not promoting empowered prostitutes, excuse me, empowered women, he is lecturing about how to be a proper leader together with esteemed members of society:

We hope that above photo was an honest mistake and that Patrick prabhu is not really promoting “empowered women” which is a modern concept which promotes prostitution. Prabhupada had was 180 degrees opposite views from Patrick prabhu, but still, Patrick prabhu seems to have idea that he should “educate leaders”. Women empowerment starts with female secretaries for sannyasis and continues with female temple presidents and female GBCs. Since Prabhupada never had this plan, there are some side effects, such as babies popping here and there, divorces also happen when woman constantly “has meetings” with other people. The fact that Prabhupada mentioned over 1000 times that women should be chaste and shy doesn’t mean anything. Who cares for Prabhupada? We will replace his outdated ideas by hugging “empowered women”.

Now let me quote Prabhupada:

“Similarly, Devahūti was the daughter of an emperor, Svāyambhuva Manu, yet she preferred to accept Kardama Muni as her husband. She served him with great love and affection, and she knew how to please him. Therefore, she is designated here as sādhvī, which means “a chaste, faithful wife.” Her rare example is the ideal of Vedic civilization. Every woman is expected to be as good and chaste as Devahūti or Bhavānī.” (SB 3.23.1p)

Now you can judge if Patrick prabhu is following him. We will also leave space for Patrick prabhu to clarify his position.

Comment/explanation by Patrick prabhu

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  • Vaidyanath

    Prabhupada: “So in that book Mr. Marshall explained that the family affection is the origin of economic impetus. That’s a fact. These hippies, they have no family affection. They are not married, and therefore there is no economic impetus. They can live in any way, any wretched condition of life. And one who is married, responsible man, he has got some responsibility to see that…, provided he has got affection for the family. Otherwise, practically, so-called family life, there is no affection.” Bombay, January 6, 1973

    So this present issue about empowering woman is rather to get male devotees to work like an ass in karmi jobs and pay tax. Work to pay rent for their private home and work to visit the temple with a big cheque. Temples managed by paid personnel. Massive book distribution has been stopped. Western governments and kali-yuga is very pleased to have temples turned into a tax paying business.

  • PrabhupadaDisciple

    Sanyassis with female secretaries are quite common in our movement.

    Sacinananda Swami has had female secretaries for well over 15 years. The previous one served for a decade (before she passed away at young age).