Please find a real waltz guru

Please find a real waltz guru

Can somebody explain this to me?

Ok, if you are a sannyasi, and you want to waltz with your female secretary girlfriend, I can understand that. You are just fallen and that’s it.

But how do we explain this?

Maybe it is one form of devotional service? Sravanam kirtanam visno, waltzanam pada sevanam … no, that’s not it.

Well, Prabhupada said: “If you want to please me, dance waltz with other boys” … No, wait a minute that was “If you want to please me, distribute my books”.

OK, I give up my attempt in trying to understand this “lila”.

But, one thing is sure, if you want to be a waltz guru, you need to have a sword, and a pretty girl.

This is real waltz, don’t be fooled by waltz gurus who don’t have a sword and a pretty girl, they are fake.

All the best in your waltz journey, Hanuman das

For BB Govinda, he has to start from the very beginning, ditch the boy, find a girl and do basic moves first: