Rati Manjari testimony

Rati Manjari testimony

Here you can find direct evidence of Radhanath Swami advising people not to report crime. Mataji is senior member of this movement and she made this statement publicly on the internet. Is there any particular reason for her to lie in front of whole ISKCON? I don’t think so. In any normal society which cares about it’s reputation, this would become a scandal, but what happened in North Korean ISKCON? Nothing.


So, people who are naturally stupid, they will not consider this statement problematic, but majority of people are not naturally stupid, they took some training in stupidity.

ISKCON Sheep Law, rule 23. – Guru is guru because he is a guru. Guru is always right, and everybody else is always wrong. If guru is covering up for crime, he is not covering up crime, he is performing “crime lila”. And this so called police, they are daemons anyway.

ISKCON Sheep Law, rule 24. – Guru is always right, because he is pure devotee. And he is pure devotee because he is a guru. And in case you get raped, that is not called rape, that is called “entering rasa lila prematurely”.

ISKCON Sheep Law, rule 25. – If you are a woman, and you got raped, that is not Radhanath baba’s problem, that is your problem, because you were pretty, so it’s your fault.

ISKCON Sheep Law, rule 26. – If you are pretty girl, your sannyasi guru can use you as his secretary, that is called “devotional service”. Once you perform many services for a sannyasi, such as smiling, discussing “important topics”, traveling with him around the world. After 5-10 years of service, if he is very merciful, sannyasi will find you a “secondary husband” or he might simply kick you out and find another secretary. He will do that to help you understand “gopi’s mood of separation”.