BREAKING NEWS – Radhanath baba is not Prabhupada’s disciple

BREAKING NEWS – Radhanath baba is not Prabhupada’s disciple

Harinama diksa guru is someone who gives you initiation, who recites mantra from their heart into yours. Unfortunately, Radhanath baba was not given maha mantra by Prabhupada. He himself explains how he was initiated in his own book called Journey Home, let’s check it out.

The clarification

I was always wondering if Radhanath baba is disciple of Srila Prabhupada or mother Ganga, I was thinking about this issue for many years, and I finally got it. I myself had mystical experience while pondering on this issue. Here is an excerpt from my upcoming autobiography “Offender go home”.

Chapter 5 – Mystical experience with mother Ganga

As I was walking around the bank of this sacred river, pondering about her relationship with ISKCON’s most famous baba, a bright light started coming from the water and I saw a shinning, beautiful personally, Mother Ganga. I couldn’t believe my eyes, one of celestial personalities decided to grant her mercy to me, Hanuman das, greatest offender. In awe, I bowed down and started glorifying mother Ganga with vedic hymns.

Mother Ganga told me, with celestial voice, full of compassion: “Dear child, I see you are troubled by many questions, I decided to clear up your doubts.” I was amazed how this exalted personality could read my mind. I answered “Respected mother, I want to know if Radhanath baba is your disciple.” Mother Ganga smiled. Her beautiful teeth looked like thousand celestial pearls. Ganga replied: “He is my disciple, but he is worst disciple that I ever had.” I became exuberant as I understood that Radhanath baba is not ordinary devotee, but I had more doubts. “Dear mother”, I asked, “But why did Radhanath baba also took initiation from Srila Prabhupada?”. Ganga became thoughtful for a moment and explained, “That was a cover up, so that he could perform his imaginary mission”.

I am always amazed by cover ups, but I was becoming even more confused with mother Ganga explanations. I asked: “O best of demigoddesses, Srila Prabhupada is surely Krishna’s representative, and he told us not to build hospitals”. I even quoted Srila Prabhupada own words:

The Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement is teaching all over the world this philosophy, that your first and foremost business is to become Kṛṣṇa conscious. There is no question of so-called economic development, sense gratification. No. These are not important things. There are many missionaries, they open hospitals or similar philanthropic activities, BUT WE NEVER DO THAT. So many friends advised me to open some hospitals, dispensaries. Oh, I flatly said that “WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE HOSPITALS.” There are so many hospitals. So people who are interested in hospitals, they can go there. Here is spiritual hospital. The disease is the other hospitals, they cannot stop death, but our hospital can stop death. (Lecture on CC Adi-lila 1.15 — Dallas, March 4, 1975)

Mother Ganga looked at me as if slightly irritated, “Dear child, why are you quoting from the vedabase, I am subscribed to folio since first edition, I am well aware what Srila Prabhupada said, but you see, Radhanath thinks that since I am river, and I am also a woman, he thinks that I don’t like all those sick people full of bacteria and viruses taking bath in me, therefore he thinks that by opening hospitals, he will do service for me”. I was amazed by this answer, now it all started to make sense.

“O divine mother, I accept your explanation completely, but why Radhanath baba is doing eye camps, when Prabhupada was clear that he doesn’t want eye camps”. And of course I quoted again:

“In Bhagavad-gita there is no such statement that you take care of the eyes of the people. There is no such statement. That is your manufactured idea.”
(Room Conversation — January 8, 1977, Bombay)

Ganga said, “Dear child, there are many blind people in Vrindavan, they often stumble and fall into my waters, and they drown themselves in this way. Although those people reach auspicious destination, my disciple Radhanath thinks that I feel big pain when people drown in me, so he thinks he is helping me by doing eye camps.”

I was amazed more and more by answers by Mother Ganga, now I got even more courage to ask more questions. “O celestial beautiful lady, but why Radhanath baba says in his book that Ramesh baba sahajiya is his life long friend, why is he introducing sahajiyas to ISKCON although Prabhupada did not want it?”

“My child, Ramesh baba has 40 000 cows in Vrindavan, and once I told Radhanath that I feel great pleasure when those cows drink my Holly water. Now Radhanath wants to repay Ramesh baba in some way by making him famous. From the other hand, ISKCON is full of insincere people who are only after mixing freely with opposite sex, and not real Krishna consciousness, therefore my disciple Radhanath baba and Sacinandana baba are spreading Ramesh lila in ISKCON. In this way, insincere people are removed from the path of true bhakti.”

I was getting more and more ecstatic by wonderful explanations of mother Ganga, “Dear mother, here is my last question: Why is Radhanath baba preaching mayavadi philosophy, some kind of new age nonsense, it is practically unrecognizable for anybody who reads Prabhupada’s books.”

This most intelligent celestial being replied, “Dear son, my speculative disciple Radhanath wants to give blessing to all living entities. Since vaisnavas and real followers of Srila Prabhupada are very rare, and karmis don’t want to take bath in my waters, he decided to increase number of mayavadis in the world. He wants all this mayavadis he made to come and take bath in my waters, and in this way be purified. At least some purification will be done this way, those Radhanath mayavadis were never interested in Prabhupada anyway.”

I started screaming in joy, “Thank you dear mother, o best of women, o personified intelligence, o most merciful personally, now I fully understand the glories of Radhanath baba. For a moment, I was really fooled and I was thinking that he is Prabhupada’s disciple.”

Mother Ganga looked me with a terribly angry eyes and screamed “When I gave Hare Krishna maha mantra to Radhanath, he promised me he will never play harmonica again, and he wrote that in his book, but look at him on youtube, he is playing harmonica, playing karmi songs with karmi girls, he is so ungrateful.” and she disappeared.