Radhanath baba’s guru

Radhanath baba’s guru

You think that Radhanath baba is disciple of Prabhupada? Well, you are wrong. Unfortunately, this place is already taken by Shannon Gannon. 😀 😀 😀 So, since Radhanath baba is disciple of Shannon, if you become disciple of Radhanath baba, then Shannon indirectly becomes your guru. Is there anything better than having grandma guru who can make a tea and cookies for you and teach you yoga?

Of course, you probably think that I am kidding, but nothing gets published on my website without evidence.

If you open Shannon’s last historic wikipedia webpage from 2016, you can see that this very confidential truth is revealed. Radhanath baba is listed as her “high profile student”:


Interestingly enough, this confidential lila was recently removed from wikipedia, and now everybody can play dumb and say that Radhanath baba is not disciple of Shannon. So, we went to investigate further, Radhanath baba was listed as Shannon’s disciple from the very first version of her wikipedia page that dates back to 2013.

This means that information was publicly available for the last 4.5 years, and now it is suddenly removed.

This kind of preaching was too fanatical, using spiritual names could scare people off. So now, wikipedia page it looks like this:

Richard Slavin is one very spiritual person, but while is he moving within orthodox Hare Krishna movement, he uses name Radhanath Swami, since that name sounds like he is follower of Prabhupada.

And, in my recent article Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada’s enemies, you can see that Richard, Shannon’s high profile student is still involved in mayavadi preaching together with his gurudevi.

But, Radhanath baba wants to convince you that he is disciple of Prabhupada, although his preaching and philosophy don’t have anything to do with Prabhupada.

And since sannyasis can have a “girl guru”, Radhanath Swami’s brahmacari disciples naturally practice girl-yoga, where you meditate on girls and how to end up in bed with them, as it can be seen on Radhanath baba’s Govardhana eco village:


However, being cheap “Swamiji” who practices “yoga” with a lot of girls around himself is nothing new:

This kind of fake yoga teachers are all over the place:


Real knowledge

Prabhupada came to the west to defeat fake yogis, his idea was not that his disciples become like them. Therefore, Radhanath baba is traitor of Prabhupada’s legacy.

At the utmost we can only gratify our personal whims by some pseudo adaptation of this [meditational yoga] system. Thus people are paying money to attend some classes in gymnastic exercises and deep-breathing, and they’re happy if they think they can lengthen their lifetimes by a few years or enjoy better sex life. But we must understand this is not the actual yoga system.” (Srila Prabhupada in The Perfection of Yoga, p.6)

In the video Prabhupada explains what is real yoga system, and say that gymnastic exercise is COLOSSAL HOAX: