Radhanath Swami’s Krishna miniskirt leader movement

Radhanath Swami’s Krishna miniskirt leader movement

Brahmacarya is much easier if you are managed by girl temple president. I must admit that. And if you practice yoga with together with young girls, celibate life can be bliss.

Radhanath Swami is trying to establish both of these conveniences for brahmacaries. Brahmacaries practicing yoga with young girls, we already published article about it:

How you get cheated by Radhanath baba

Brahmacaries will never fall down if you allow them to practice yoga with girls.

A step further

But now, we also need to allow brahmacaries and sannyasis to have a lot of association with girls. Initially, the plan was to introduce pretty girls as female secretaries for sannyasis. But, this is not fair, girls are not stupid. We also need to make woman leaders, only then we can establish a lot of free mixing between men and women.

So, Govardhana eco village is feeling proud that their CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER received “charismatic leader award”.

Very nice, now all the brahmacaries at the Govardhana eco village can have a lot of meetings with her to discuss “strategy”, she is chief strategy officer after all.

Miniskirt strategy

So, what will be Govardhana eco village strategy for the 21st century. How will we attract retarded Indians to pay large sums of money to visit resort with a pool in the middle of nowhere.

Well, CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER “revealed” her strategy in her recent facebook post.

Who could resist having a meeting with miniskirt Chief strategy officer? Is Radhanath baba genius or what?

While having strategy meeting with her, Radhanath Swami and his brahmacaries and take a peek under her skirt when she sits down at a meeting. They are smart people, they can pretend that pencil fell on the floor, and while picking up the pencil, they can take a peek under chief strategy officer’s miniskirt.

Real warning

If you want to practice Krishna consciousness, if you have any faith in Srila Prabhupada, if you want to have even a slim chance of going Back to Godhead, stay away from Radhanath baba, his chief strategy officers and his brahmacaries who practice yoga with girls.

Real warning number 2

Don’t dare to think that miniskirts are not “spiritual”. They are very “spiritual”. All female leaders should wear miniskirts. That will make them more “persuasive”. 😀 😀 😀